Pink Callers

The biggest change for us this year was hiring Pink Callers.

Imagine hiring an office assistant who is trained in your CRM and just HARD workers.

We are in the midst of our peak demand of the entire year and I could leave town if I wanted to, only because of Pink Callers.

Can’t recommend them enough


Looked them up, seems interesting. Not in our budget but I can see how it would benefit a business that generates a lotta work each week or month where they wouldn’t have to hire someone on their own to do what they offer. Thanks for sharing.

i have used voicelogic twice to call list and enter appts with good results also voice to voicemail broadcasts

just had a look at pinkcallers looks pretty good but i don’t think i could handle 400 usd per week for the 26 weeks we are closed. i’ll have to give them a call and see about starting and stopping.

@DelirousDungo you can stop it in the slow season.

i will check, website says you can go to half time which is 20 hrsx 20 min. but there is no set up fee so =maybe just start and stop at season end.

you do not pay employee taxes
you do not have to buy them a CPU, a phone etc etc
They do not consume heat, air conditioning.

I sincerely believe an office worker is the most important hire for and too often passed over for help in the field. The right, even a decent person in the office should make you money and free your time up to for important items.


i agree i could not have increased my business without the help of an office person (working from their home). the fact that most days you can then work a full day in the field and not to make hours worth of calls that night is invaluable.

unfortunately pink callers does not sound very interested in working with me and are not flexible with start stop or anything below 40 hours per week all year according to the email i received.

sounds like a great service, i will have to keep looking. pink did not make me feel welcome at all in fact i don’t feel good after contacting them at all.


3000$/month for a receptionist? Thats a little crazy…

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Our office does alot more than answer and direct phone calls.


Would you believe turn around and pay their CSRs peanuts for all the work they do? $12/hr and no benefits. We lost our CSR who left them over this and showed us precisely how the owner and managers treat their employees. It’s terrible and after everything I saw in recording and heard in voiceclips I cancelled my contract but the owner fought me over it.

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