Pissed off lol

Send my one employee to do the outside of a one story house. He used the waterfed pole on the windows and spray way on a couple doors. Customer text me he did a great job but must have dumped his bucket out in her window well because her bathrooom is “flooded”. I messaged her back he never had a bucket of water he used a glass cleaner can on her doors and the same spot free system I used on her windows a month ago. She also told me he left spots all over the window. She send me a pic which I will take credit for it wasn’t spot on the windows it was a long like 8 inch exterior seal almost like the siding under the window that he didn’t clean not spots on the glass. I told her I would sent him back to clean the seals & return her check but my employee can’t force water in her windows so she has a window with issues. She tells me to keep the money, not send him back to fix the windows. Any customer that complains then doesn’t except a fix or refund is just whining to whine. After telling her how my competitors use the water fed pole, we use it 40 hours a week and that it is very low pressure she tells me her husband cleaned up the flood and its not smart to tell a customer they are at fault. I told her I never said it was your fault I said it wasn’t our fault it was a faulty window and asked her if her remaining 15 windows had water come through to which she ignored.

Here is what is hilarious all the windows were fine except the oldest window on her home in a window well, we offered a refund and to clean the missed seals which she declined and we "flooded her home that her husband cleaned in 15 minutes which means . . . it wasn’t a flood. This was nothing more than a service provider that happened to expose a problematic window so now gets blamed for it. It’s also funny how she got drips down her wall and tried to sell it as a bathroom flood

Bro… all week with this shit for us. I feel your pain in a major way.

With water coming in the home???

Tell your guy to leave blood next time. It’s what they need once and a while. She saw it was to easy , and couldn’t handle it.
Oh and throw some water on his shirt and some on the forehead to make it look like he’s sweating

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