Pitney Bowes?

Just wondering if anyone uses The Pitney Bowes system for thier mailings. I just received a advertisement from them the other day…Any pros /cons?

I’ve considered doing something like that. Licking stamps gets old. But my volume of mail hasn’t reached the point to where it is necessary. But it is probably in my future. I guess the volume of mail should make the decision for you. When you get overwhelmed, then it’s time.

You shouldn’t be licking stamps, they’re self-adhesive now :smiley:

I dont know…after I lick them I feel funny all over:cool:
I just looked at the ad I got in the mail…The monthly fee is $14.99 a month. They give you $15.00 in free postage per month. 60 day free trial period. It looks like this would be great for mailing flyers or postcards…Seems too good.
its also at www.pbmeter.com/pboffer
Anyone use??