Places were You can't use a WFP

Ok, So I’m on the Ledge about getting a water fed pole system! Lol Amex on hand haha

But, some guys say its only good for rutine cleaning and not for first time cleans! Keep in mind I only do Resi work right now!

Other guys say, they can pretty much WFP anything, with the proper training almost any job can be tackles this way…

I want to hear it from you guys…

it’s a window cleaner’s “power tool”

and another tool in the toolbox

it’s just like any other tool

use when and where appropriate, like any tool it’s not good for everything in every situation every time in every circumstance

keeping that principle in mind will save you a lot of aggravation

WCR set me up with the Wash-it/Raach-it in April, can honestly say it is the best investment I have ever made. It may not work in every situation, but it will on a high percentage of them. The biggest advantages: 1. Will increase your profit margins = less time on the jobs 2. You can clean windows with a breeze in situations that were once senseless/dangerous/impossible even with a ladder 3. If you have nice hydrophilic glass it will do a better job than traditional methods, especially French cut windows.

I noticed you mentioned hydrophilic Glass, is it common to find Hydrophobic glass? And if so, are the results bad?

Hydrophobic glass in my experience isn’t as common and sometimes doesn’t produce results as good a hydrophilic. Hyrdrophobic (like the glass I’m cleaning in my Avatar) requires a different technique and sometimes different jetting, it doesn’t “sheet” down the glass. Watch Perry Tait’s videos and he explains it very well. I have two houses with Pella windows that were built side by side within a few months of each other one is phobic and the other physic, very strange.

Bad link

Where I am pretty much all the glass is hydrophobic. nothing but. Hydrophilic is rare and a treat. I do find a few windows, especially on new const where the top panes is phillic and bottom is phobic. Definitely can’t do the quick zig zag quick rinse like in the vids. Almost need to chase the dirty water down for a good finish. Use fans a lot and up to the 2.1 gpm sprayer. Lower pressure but more water flow.
It is a good tool. Using on ccus as a finisher. Before had to wipe polish dry or use squeegee. Now, finish frames and scraping, rinse with WFP. Saves me a lot of time detailing, removing the tiny paint specks that love to stick on glass. Little detailing now. Much much quicker, especially on those fake frenchies with the plastic frame. Just scrape and brush rinse. Comes really handy with glass facing the hot sun. Scrape and rinse. None of that instant dried residue from soap or paint to assist in paint removal. Water dries in seconds and leaves marks. Sometimes so fast as soon as you wet it dries so squeegee is worthless. Not with WFP.

… I use mine mostly for when I don’t want to or can’t put up a ladder or if I have a lot of cut-ups. As for first time cleans, it all depends on
how dirty the glass is. You’ll learn what a wfp can and can’t do. I have been fooled by not looking close enough thinking a wfp would
do it and it didn’t.

In California u can really do up to 95% of first clean resi with WFP, at least that’s my experience. Pollen is the main enemy of WFPs in my neck of the woods. Those yellow spots that u see everywhere. Besides that, construction debris is, of course, a no-go. I’m tellin ya, it will change those jobs that u would dread into jobs that are a breeze. I did a French 3k sqft two story a few weeks ago in an hour. It would have taken three otherwise. Tons of windows.

Just get it cuz it’s safer. Less trips up the ladder means less likely to get hurt. Can u put a price on that? Forget the fact that you will do jobs twice as fast with half the effort.

True. If the glass is a bit dirty I usually take my pre brush (thick flocked scrubber not WFP brush) and give the frames and glass a quick scrub. I have many 1 story and it does not take much time, 10-15 minutes tops and hit the screens. I do that with my new home ccu and after the quick rinse (norm water) a lot of the crud is removed and I can see how bad it is any water spots, anything I may need to pre-treat. Still, saves a lot of time. Some folks dont want me to use the ladder. They say not worth it it to risk life and limb for a dirty window. If they knew me I would go ape crazy to do it. :stuck_out_tongue: You are more important. So do my best to pad it then brush it. They are ok with it.

I have been having my employee go through first with scrubber with soap on a pole then I follow up with WFP. This works great for first time cleans on second story and first story windows. It is the best time saving, money making tool I have purchased so far. Just do it.

Do you just let the soap dry on the glass and then use the WFP?

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No. I WFP and rinse before it dries.


Do you think it would work to scrub with a soapy brush or T-bar, let it dry and then go back with the WFP?
I’m a one man show.

If my ccu has water I use the tap to rinse off the soap and dirt from the scraping/cleaning. Just to save on pure water and house gives more pressure. Unless in direct sun glass I let it go. Sometimes I do a quick pull before I move to next glass, no detail. 1 quick pull and gets most tap water off glass to avoid full pane spots. It is a dbl check to see clean and all paint removed. Final trip around house I WFP. The other day I tried the routine and 18 dbl panes 2 arches, fake frenchie back door. Scrapped, frames cleaned, and WFP in just over an hour. Was on an hour pace until stepped on a nail. I found a way to incorporate WFP into ccu that works for me. No more detailing and polishing the exterior anymore.