Placing my flier in newspaper boxes?

It seems I’ve heard of other placing their flier in residential newspaper boxes, the ones that are next to the mail box. I know I would need to check local laws, but is this quite common? I’m fliering by myself, this could really speed things up. Any ideas oe other tips?


That’s what we do here that box is open game

Yes, That’s what I do as well. I checked with the post office and the only thing that they regulate is the mail box, not the newspaper box attached to a mail box post. I checked with the local PD here and there is no law against it. They only requested I take every precaution to keep the flyers from blowing out of the box and littering the neighborhood. Go for it.

You may get a call from the newspaper if it is their box. Some belong to the home owner. The ones with the newspapers name on it belong to them.

I’ve never had that problem, I deliver them after the paper has been delivered, usually in the morning. I could see them not liking it, but as long as it’s not interfering with paper delivery, I don’t imagine an issue.

depends on the paper the ones in this area will call and complain about putting fliers in their box.

Definitely use them. I always welcome a call from someone when putting out mad fliers, whether it be from a prospect, the police, postmaster. Now this key, after you appolgise sell them some window cleaning.

I “know a guy” who would do this early Sunday morning and slip it in the paper. “He” would also go to the paper boxes where you can buy newspapers, insert money as if buying a paper and put a flier in each newspaper in the box.

Hmm “I know a guy”. Sounds a lot like you might be that guy. Lol.

I would double check with your local police department as some state laws are different than others. However it should be fine. Worst case scenario you get a call from the newspaper company, apologize and don’t do it again. Really you don’t have much to lose.

In my area, many of the newspaper boxes are out in by the subdivision as part of the decorative mail box post and are not owned by the newspaper company. There is no legal standing re: newspaper not allowing you to put a flier in it. That said, there are many boxes that are owned by the paper. I still do it all the time.

I’ve sent out over 50,000 flyers and had 2 complaints. One was from
a homeowner who actually told me to come and take the ad out of
her box. The other was the police reminding me that the gated
community I passed out flyers in had a ‘no soliciting’ sign on the

I would put flyers in any newspaper box, never had a problem with
the newspaper people. In fact, I used to like going out early on
Sundays and put my flyers out on top of the morning paper.

Flyers have made me a lot of money… love them!

Well to be technical with the police, soliciting happens when you talk to a person haha also most cities or counties have a $15 permit for this,as for the private streets or whatever, the minute it has a name its no longer private, at that point its public domain,… lots of loopholes if ya study and look for em