Planning for the fall slow down

Historically our work done per week slows down during the second, third week in Augusts from the peak of the summer months and then picks back up late October due to the holidays. Even if I market more in July and August, there will be somewhat a slow down.
I want to take advantage of this opportunity to make sure I profit during this time as well.
Questions for you!
Do you find that your slow downs in the fall start later in August each year that you are in business or earlier? (we are in North Carolina so it might be different from the north).

As you slow down what expenses do you eliminate other than eliminating summer help?

Any response or tips would be a huge favor!

We either make repairs to the shop(This year we have to replace the gutters), warn employees to schedule their vacation time during this period, or simply cut back hrs by taking days off. We try to keep our work force intact, it really gets busy in the fall.

I plan a networking event in New Orleans.
It’s the end of summer, things are slow, and everyone is ready to blow off a little steam and get fired up for the fall rush.

I’m in Ohio, we work thru Dec (for the holidays) jan-feb -march we stop residential,keep up w/commercial…and hope the $ we’ve saved lasts till spring…

It’s only slow here in jan, feb and some of march.

But this winter I’m gonna do a major website overhaul.
I’m also gonna sleep a lot more.
I might even try to find something else crazy to think of, like a vacation…