Plantation Shutters

Hello everyone,

I received a call today for a window cleaning quote inside and out and also “plantation shutters”. I have never done these before but want to do them for the customer. I need info on how to clean them(rags and pledge?), how much to charge, and how long should it take? I appreciate any and all help!

-Thomas Crosson
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We have those all over the place here. We have cleaned them for a few customers. Yes, pledge will work. 2-5 mins per shutter (depending on size). I think we charged a straight $5/shutter and felt good about it.


Do you clean them when they are closed or open and wipe each individual one? Also, if a single window has two shades on that one window do you price that as $10 or $5?


We swung them out from the window…pushed the flaps all one way and wiped the frames and slats, then flipped the slats the other way and repeated. Price it depending on how big they are. If its a regular window with a set of small shutters, price should be different than a set of large shutters covering 2-3 regular windows.

I charge $12 per window for those

If that’s what you say, bruh.

You are too busy blowing out that gutter to do any plantation shutter cleaning, tbh.

I’ll have to see how big they are and how dirty when I go out to the customer’s house. I appreciate all the advice! I would really like to charge about $10 per window for them.

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Its possible to get one done in one minute or less with dust mop spray and a surg towel

… Charge what you can get. I get 5-10 per hinged unit, depending on size. If you can get 20, awesome. Takes a couple of minutes with a lightly dampened microfiber cloth. No soap needed if not too dirty. Sometimes though they are real gunked up and you have to do each slat and use soap. Then I charge more.

$4 a window. I have a small shop vac with a Hepa Filter and a soft brush attachment. I move ahead of the guys as they clean the windows. Bada bing bada boom I’m done.

Sounds like a job for a small Vikan DI brush that is sold at WCR.

Well I landed the job and did it on Monday! I got about $6 a shutter and it was about appropriate for my targeted hourly rate. In the future I would charge a little more due to the pain and probably vacuum them before wiping them down. Good experience overall.

Atta Boy!