Please help with my first commercial bid

Please forgive me if this post is really long as this is my first time giving a bid on a commercial property and I’m a little nervous about giving a high estimate and not get the job. The property has a total of 12 buildings on it which 4 have a few windows on the second floor. He wants all the exterior windows cleaned only. He wants only water fed poles to be used as well and would like services every 3 months. The windows look like they haven’t been cleaned in years and lots have hard water stains (he didn’t mention anything about wanting the stains removed) and a bunch of French pane doors. I will give the best description below.

Building #1 is one story with 91 total panes
Building #2 is one story with 92 total panes
Building #3 is 2 stories with a total of 146 panes with 51 of those on top floor.
Building #4 is one story with 81 total panes
Building #5 is 2 story with 138 total panes and 50 on 2nd floor.
Building#6 is 1 story with 71 total panes
Building #7 is 1 story with 80 total panes And two French doors
Building #8 is 1 story with 83 total panes
Building #9 is 1 story with 53 total panes and 2 French doors
Building #10 is 1 story with 85 total panes
Building #11 is 2 story with a total of 156 panes. 52 on top floor
Building #12 is 2 story with 316 total panes. 187 on 2nd floor with an additional 24 French windows on 2nd floor and 27 French windows on first floor.

Total panes is 1,430 with 340 of those being on the 2nd floor. 55 total French windows. He also wanted a estimate for just building 12 by itself. Sorry I didn’t get any pictures.

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That’s a big job. Where are you? I’d suggest bringing in someone more experienced to help you out with the his and I’m assuming if you dont know how to bid it then the work too. Good luck.

Thanks for your reply. I’m in Arizona and don’t know anyone with experience right now. I’m sure I can do it I just don’t want to under or over bid. Let me be a little more clear on the situation. I was going to buy something off of Craigslist and out of conversation I told him I was a window cleaner and he said he was just looking for someone to clean his windows at his offices. He also said that he has close to 80 residential properties as well that he might need cleaned. I want to give it to him at a cheaper price in hopes that I can pick up the other work him.

What part of Arizona? I’d be willing to help you out. Without you having to worry about me stepping on your toes. I’m in mesa. 4802352458.