Please look at my site

hi folks ,

have this site up and running and would like if you guys will have a look and get back to me with your views on it.

looking forward to your views.


you need to check your punctuation and their a couple of grammatical errors

Now that’s funny, Linda

You have tooooooo much 3rd party advertisers on your site.

I have a question for you, why do you have all of those 3rd part advertisers??

Oh Hilarious… Finally the spelling/ Grammar Nazi gets called out…

Overall I think your on the right track with the site. If possible I would lose the google adsense off the left side. They probably wont generate more than a couple quid for you over the course of a year.

That space will generate more revenue for you if you highlight other services you may offer… Or at least something across those lines. I like your photo gallery. Overall good job Danny

well folks thank you for being honest,

steve the site is free so the adwords i have no control over but those companys are a few hundred miles away.

again me thanks to you all,

Danny ireland:D