Please review my Door Hanger

Hi there you guys.

Looking for criticism/advice on my door hanger design.

A couple of things that I’m going to change.

1- where it says “Call Carlos” I want to replace it with “Call Us” to erase any trace of ethnicity (I’m hispanic ) not that I’m ashamed of who I am or where I came from, but business is business and you don’t want to scare away any racist before having a chance to sell your services to them ( everybody’s money is worth the same for me) :slight_smile:

2- Change “Biodegradable products” to “ECO-friendly products”

3 - Give more color to “free” or put it in bold, and add “on-site” so people know that is not going to be an over-the-phone and unpersonalized estimate, I know that a lot of you guys quote over the phone but I’d rather spend some money on gas and drive to see the customer, that way has proved more efficient to me so far, and neighbors see my truck and what not.

Thanks a lot in advance for this and all the sharing


Its fine, this door hanger thing i have not seen in the uk.

How does it work and with what results

Carlos- as long as there is a need/want for you to fulfill (or you create a need/want) and a GOOD offer, the phone will ring from these.

I have never tried door hangers, but it is very similar to fliers (just harder because there is less room to persuade and build interest)

Because you have less room, I would focus on a stimulus, you have none. Why should I call? Why you? Why call now?

I am not a big fan of copy over top of images (writing over a picture) as it becomes a confusing blob. I would take the picture out of the bottom half of the hanger and focus on the offer/persuasion

Your tag line and name at the top will reduce interest, put it at the bottom. The top is where the headline needs to be. That will be the deciding factor 75% of the time if the rest will get read. Your headline does not interest me… so what if you are in the neighborhood? Do I get a discount or something because of that?

If you want your “call to action” to look a little better try this-

Call now for a [B]FREE[/B] quote

Don’t CAPITALIZE the whole sentence

just my opinion, good luck with whatever you do.

Thank you guys for the input.

To Cleaner Marketing:

They work, I cannot give you numbers yet because is my first batch of DH ever, I was using the ones the previous owner had, and I still receive calls from those. I’ll keep you posted on how they do.


Thanks, I like the way you “read” things like this one. I’ll try and see how can apply your suggestions.

I like it. the only change I might make would be to put “Call for a free estimate” under the “We are in your neighborhood…”

Let us know how much business they pull.

I’m in agreement with CFP on the ‘Text Over Graphics’ being hard to read. All upper case makes it even harder.

Your name/logo is taking up valuable selling real estate. I’d go even further than just moving it to the bottom, I’d lose it altogether because your complete company name is in your web URL.

Like others have said, “Call today for your free quote/estimate” works good.

And possibly a stronger headline to pull them in.


As it’s already been said, the text is somewhat hard to read since it’s on top of your picture. This is because the background, the pictures, are competeing with the text, the foreground. I would suggest tweaking the transparency of the background pictures so that they’re still there, but it will make the text pop a little better. If you wanted to get real fancy, you could have a white gradient fill to allow a good transition from picture to text.

The hanger being in full color is awesome. You could probably get good success with it the way it is. Most doorhangers I’ve seen around here are the typical bright colored paper with black text.

Different does not = sales… full color means nothing. The reason to call is everything… there is no reason.

I would assume a low response as it is right now, let us know (or post the updated version if you want to)

For Cleaner Marketing:
I don’t think this would work in the UK due to the s#it weather you get. It would get blown off or wet through, unless you made them in some kind of plastic coating.

For Carlos:
I understand the ethnicity question, but what happens when they call anyway? Does your accent give you away? I see alot of companies here advertise: established for 20 years etc, but I know full well they haven’t been. I think this may give you more credence over what nationality you are if you’ve been running a while. When I tried to get Spanish clients - often they wanted Spanish prices. I just keep it real, honesty is the best policy & lets face it: you want the high paying jobs, not the ones that want the deal. I have no marketing comment injection for you at all, just trying to see between the lines.

One of the reasons its used here in the US is because it is illegal to put something in a persons mail box ( small chance of there being a problem but still a chance) plus with the amount of junk mail the average person gets your flier would get lost in the crowd,
As Karl said there would be a weather problem in the UK but it still might be worth a shot, my lawn care guy always leaves me a door hanger in a small plastic bag and it holds up well in any weather

I’ve submitted a few changes and still waiting for the proof.

I’ll keep you guys posted and thanks for the input :slight_smile:

We used door hangers in the 1990’s. They were very successful. Our heading said something like “We are in your neighborhood servicing a valued customer”. Call now for a free window cleaning quotation.

I believe that this heading we used sparked more interest because it said to the reader that we were doing work in their neighborhood.

Kind of took the image of the sweaty fat bald guy in a wife beater tank top, driving around the neighborhood stuffing fliers in doors while driving his beat up Chevy Nova (you get the picture). These doorhangers also had coupons on the back with a rediculous 20% off any service ( i dont discount service that much anymore- Using a dollar $$ amount works better than a % anyway). Good luck. Some good guys on here to learn from. Steve

Shouldn’t we really be reading the language of one of America’s indigenous people? Oh yeah – soldiers were involved in that, too.