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Sorry it’s a long post. Thanks for reading!

Please give me your honest feedback on my website. There are many things that i would like to change with the site over the winter. I will be putting together a list and I thought other perspectives would really help. With that said a lot of the sites content was put together with a little feedback from me but mostly from my SEO guys. So its not exactly how I would like it to be as a window cleaners perspective but that might not be a bad thing. It might be better to look at it from the perspective of someone with no experience in the industry.

The site was created by myself and looked really cool originally but as they told me it doesn’t matter how cool it looks if no one finds it. So they pretty much build the whole site for me at no extra charge. Which I suppose was necessary to start ranking high but I don’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth if you know what I mean. Hate to bash on their design to much but it’s not the nicest feel when i’m on it. However I will say I get a lot of customers telling me that they like my site so much and that’s why they picked me so what can I say. It does produce a lot of results but I feel i’m still loosing customers.

Here are the things I off hand would like to change:

  • The landing page main picture. I don’t like the gas station squeegee lol. Would prefer a personal photo of the company maybe. Also not having a black color, but something cleaner looking.
  • There is not much info about pricing. We bid each job individually but I still feel people want to know an idea of cost.
  • The portfolio of work photos is lacking to say the least. So that needs to be boosted for sure
  • Also the team page hasn’t been updated since we built it. Its a company of 6 but looks like it’s just me still. I would like a group photo as well as a little bio of each crew member so the customer can expect who shows up. All our guys are clean cut professional looking guys so I feel this helps put some at ease.

Thanks for your time and helpful advise!

The only thing I was focused on was the 17 min video, but I only lasted 30 seconds, if you are going to have a video it needs to be short. Many people will be viewing your site on mobile devices many will be muted, you need to have visual demo rather than talking at the camera.


Thats a great point @Steve076 They had me create some instructional youtube videos to help my SEO. The one they have on the site is ok if someone wants to clean their tracks themselves but doesn’t really help a new customer looking into our company. I didn’t think about that. Thats another thing for my winter list, to create a company video. Thank you.

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I agree with all your dislikes…:slight_smile:
The main thing I found confusing is the name of your company.
Is it Deans Window Cleaning, Boise Window Cleaning, or Deans’s Boise Window Cleaning?
The landing page says Dean’s up in the corner, but Boise is what stands out.

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@Matthew the company is Dean’s Window Cleaning. I agree that it is confusing the way it reads. I believe they lay it out that way for SEO purposes. But I will add that to my list as well, making the business name clearer.

I haven’t looked at it yet, but I’m glad you’re serious about what your website portrays to your potential customers. It’ actually the cool thing about business ownership; having the ability to provide input and personal experiences into your biz. Can’t control a lot of this sort of stuff as a worker-bee. Moving forward, good luck and hope you and your biz a successful 2019!

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The things that have helped my SEO have been an active, updated blog on my site, internal links (links that take you from one page to another, outbound links to social media profiles, landing pages for surrounding cities that link to my homepage, and constantly changing text, and photos. I update my site biweekly. Google likes to see new, relevant content. I built the site myself on a Wordpress platform. Wordpress has many plugins to help. My SEO plugin is Yoast, it’s helped me rank at #1 or #2 for window cleaning, solar panel cleaning, and gutter cleaning for a service area 30 miles around me. Once people arrive to your site, they should have an easier way to call you. Add a clickable phone number button that scrolls with them. Some people are too lazy to copy and paste your number or write it down.

I agree with the Call button too…I’d also add a contact form on each page. The video is a way long and slows the site down a bit, but you’re getting what you paid for otherwise…your site shows up great in maps and page 1 when I searched window cleaning Boise. I wouldn’t mess with anything personally…when you are ranking this well, you can easily mess up keyword balance when you start tweaking things…even names of new images can upset balance. With my window cleaning website, around 65% of my visitors come from mobile devices and find/call me in the map pack and don’t even see my site. With images, most people are satisfied with a picture of your truck and a happy crew to show you are real. One clean window tells the tale and people just want a call button or contact form to get a quote…your content is great, but it’s mostly for seo in a world of content overload. Just my opinion. Mark

In no particular order

  1. On the home page it says we offer cedar shake roof cleaning and its placed where the background is window cleaning? I would change that, it would be like a restaurant talking about pizza and the background is a hamburger lol
  2. For the hard water page I would have before and after photos and let those speak for my service rather than a whole description of hard water. I did see your one link but I would have that whole page be a few before and afters rather than a bunch of writing. Keep in mind when you go to a website are you there to read for several minutes? No you are going to be triggered by the visual and after that you want contact information and pricing.
  3. The blog: I will be honest I don’t know a single person that would click that page and make it past the first 2 paragraphs. Your customers don’t need to read how to remove paint from windows, mastering streak free windows, removing hardwater etc. That is why they are hiring you! Not being rude but that page would make my head explode. I would literally delete the whole thing!
  4. Deans Cleaning Tips: Again they are not on your website because they are looking to become a window cleaner, they are there to hire you, this is just another run on from the blog. Get rid of it!
  5. As pointed out your home page video should be short like 90 seconds tops. Nobody is watching a 17 minute video.

Lastly I think your website is very clean and professional looking so kuddos to you. I just think you perhaps have the same mentality as many other which is that more is better! Less is better, more just distracts and overwhelms. It seems that you want people to know how good you are through education, they are on your website to make a decision about hiring you not to learn how to do what you do. Your 17 minute video, blog and cleaning tips is way way way to much. Props for the clean look but you need to get rid of the trying to teach customers thing.

You’re probably right, my blog has probably 20+ articles that nobody has read or ever will. But I do feel regular blog entries are good for SEO purposes. They’re an easy way to inject keywords (tactfully) and cities. This in turn can help you rank better. I have blogs showing up on page one in surrounding cities that are outranking well established window cleaning companies homepages.

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I love your logo Mark

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