Please send me your business card!

O.K. After the picnic i have a bunch of business cards from other window cleaning companies, so i though, HEY! I want to put a collection together and frame it for my office.

So here it is, Please send me your business card, well, 3 paper clipped if you can (so at least 1 is good enough to frame) It is only .42 cents now. It is WAY cheaper than shirts and it will be interesting to have a big collection.

I am happy with my own biz cards so don’t worry i will not steal your ideas.

Josh Cronin
818 Perry Ave
Racine, WI 53406

Thank you to everyone in advance!!!

The MWCoA has loads …

I watched WCR Nation Episode 13 last night, and I did not see you at the picnic.

I did not see him there… but than again, I wasn’t there :smiley: