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Just wanted to let everyone know I am back at writing a newsletter. This is like the frosting on the cake. It contains ONLY the specific ingredients and formulas for the custom products I am developing. All of the manufacturers are already linked in the left column of the Glass Smart Products blog. If you sign up I will include a link on the Products blog for your business website. Also when I create a website for all Glass Smart Window Cleaners I will include your company here too. This website will help you acquire more work/accounts.

I have reduced the price of the newsletter and changed the name. I have also made payment voluntary.

Over the last couple of months I did experiment with making products which were custom that I could sell. And started off doing exactly that. But 30 percent of the sales failed. Only because the packages were ripped open and the products were stolen. Further they also never made it to their destination. Sending small individual products was very expensive too. In short it was becoming a “problem business”. Now I know why manufacturers have distributors. And distributors don’t manufacture.

So help me out guys and girls. I REALLY want to do some great things here. Please sign up. I will put you on the Insiders email list to receive the newsletter. I will also put your logo/link up on the Products blog. This is free. I am also working on a Glass Smart Window Cleaners website just for subscribers to the Insiders newsletter. Links on this website will also be free. As mentioned I am not billing for the newsletter. But have set up a Pay Pal button at the top left of the Products blog. It is my Glass Smart logo. If you don’t want to sponsor my research you don’t have to. It couldn’t be any more EZ than that.

Thank you.


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