Plexiglass restoration

Does anyone know anything about Plexiglas (lexan barriers) restoration…

Like scratch removal and so forth…

Any ideas…or experience working with its restoration

I would like to know this too…I do a couple of places that have some major Plexiglas windows and they also have some major scratches that I’ve been asked to remove :eek:


Thank you!!

an instruction manual included???

if you buy it, maybe.

Yes there is an instructional DVD with the kit. Its very easy to use.

I have some little scratches one my car windows because some buddies pulled a prank and I took a dish srcubber, not a very good idea, and scrubbed all the gunk they put on. Is there any liquid stuff, like for the plexigals, to get little tiny scratches out???

If you’re referring to Novus products:

Spot on bro…thanks

car glass is real hard to remove scratches from with out the SRP polisher. the surface wizard will take a long time and may make more of a mess then help. believe me I tried that first and it took me an extra two weeks to get the scratches out.

That sucks :frowning: