PNW window cleaner here

So I live in the pacific northwest and I’m tryig to start my own window cleaning business. So far without having a website and doing only door hangers, I’ve been fairly busy. But it seems that in my area there are alot of commercial window cleaners and I am focused on more residential. Does anyone else here live in the rainy pacific northwest and has any good ideas on getting more business? It’s a new company and I’ve mostly been doing door hangers. Thanks for the input, I appreciate any advice.

A lot of people on here recommend direct mailing…I haven’t tried it but I’m seriously looking into it. Sounds like you’re doing good with door hangers, you’ve got a bigger set than me, I get nervous just thinking about doing it.

Phonebooks can be expensive, but rewarding. There’s some free website building software out there and a properly optimized website can bring in good money too…

I should also add that I just do phone books and craigslist and I’m nowhere near where I want to be. I think the key is a well balanced approach.

Whats a phone book??

If you have the pennySaver delivered, take an add out in there. It is a little pricey but well worth it. That’s the only place I advertise & I get a great response. Good Luck.

I’ve been doing DH’s this past week…only passed out around 150 between Mon. and Wed. but I gave 2 bids and got one for window cleaning and they’ll be calling me for gutters in the future;-)

Phonebook is out main line for business here. But we have a sizeable ad, and yes, it isnot cheap. We get calls daily.

I do door to door fliers. 1000 a month. It keeps my one man show fairly busy. That has started me getting some referrals as well as some repeats. Soon as I pony up the money to get a WCRA membership, I will start doing it with the nicer printed door hangers or fliers and direct mail. I have a marketing company here that delivers door to door for 15 cents apiece. I have had good success so far but looking to kick up the numbers sent out soon. I like the fact that they deliver in the areas I chose and they get them out in one day.

hahahahahaha yeah yeah…where do you guys spend your hard earned advertsing bucks?

I’ve also started doing something called “Mad Dash” Its a program that a local copy and print store put on. My fliers are delivered to every Real Estate agent in town. Kind of like a direct mailer just for them

My biggest fear is that someone is going to open the door right as I put a hanger up and get ****ed. Have you ever run into opposition with door hangers?

I’ve never ran into opposition, one lady kindly old me that it was against the hoa’s policy to have people canvassing the neighborhood, all she said was that if someone told me to leave then I probably should. And I have had a few homeowners open the door amidst me leaving a hanger, yes, awkward. But don’t try to think about tell them your glad you caught them and don’t skip a beat! I feel very comfortable talking to people like that and they catch that so they feel better about listening to me and are normally very polite… I think it also has to do with my charm and my boyish good looks. Gets them everytime:):slight_smile: