Police car windows

I have a contract with a police department to clean their station windows; they recently received a ‘grant’ to care for station related cleaning and have asked if I’d clean their cruiser glass as well.

I’m curious if anyone has done this and if so, what have you charged, what kind of time investment would I be looking at per cruiser?

8 cruisers, (4 cars, 4 SUVs)

Planning on using Unger interior kit for the interior, and microfiber for the exterior.

Thanks all!

Just use spray away and some microfibers… I use invisible glass on my vehicles and they come out great alwaysa


I clean my own minivan windows, takes roughly 15 minutes. The real trick is using a small 4" squeegee on the inside of the windshield and back window.

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@ProWindowCleaning @dcbrock Thanks guys!

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