Poll best screen washer

Sorry if this has been done already but I couldn’t seem to find anything. After today I’m sick of cleaning screens the old school way and I’m going to buy a screen cleaner. Either the Aztec or IPC eagle. vote for which one you like best and a quick description of why. I like the one with the on-off valve that you can use with your foot, but I guess I could kind of rig that up myself if needed I’m just one guy so I will be working alone if that matters. I want to buy this pretty quick within a few days so give me some input guys thanks and I appreciate it

I can only comment that I have the IPC Eagle II and love it. The foot throttle for the water is a super feature that already comes as part of the unit.
The feet do not fold up like the Aztec and that may be a feature some one else finds very handy.

Between the 2, Aztec gets my vote because it keeps the user dryer, less water spray while using and collapsible.

Benefit of the IPC unit is surely the foot switch.

Add more brushes for better agitation and a foot switch and the Aztec would be really nice but is good as is too.

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Thanks for the info so far guys, so far the Aztec is winning is there any difference between the Aztec and the xero(I’m assuming the fittings and plumbing must be different or no) I finally had time to watch a few videos and to me it looks like you’re going to get wet, especially your feet. Can anybody comment on this. Keep the opinions coming, I also notice the IPC Eagle is quite a bit more money!

Xero is just WCR’s brand sticker on an Aztec. So which logo do you like better?

I have only used the Aztec and like it a lot better than “bending and scrubbing”. It’s not perfect as some screens will still have fine dirt on them, usually showing up as clean marks through the dirt. Soap can help but is a PITA because it takes so much extra rinsing. I recently added some holes in the rinse tube which seems to have helped…just not perfect yet :slight_smile:

Thanks for chiming in Alex, and thank you for the clarification I appreciate it have a good one

Thanks for the info Matt, I was thinking about some soap myself,pump up sprayer with some simple green premix or something. Didn’t think about the extra rinsing that makes sense. So how about it do you guys get wet feet from these things

I don’t soap 'em up other than crusty frames I scrub with a white pad and soap solution then do the 3 x’s back and forth on all four sides then tap excess water off. Yea, feet get wet. It is what it is. My face gets wet too when water fed poling windows on sides of houses that are a tight squeeze. The life of window cleaners working around water. :-/

I can’t vote since I’m obviously biased. :wink:

For my area and the amount of dirt we get I always use soap.


So what did you decide? Zero or IPC ?

I’ve only used the Aztec/Xero but have seen the IPC up close. The only advantage I can see with the IPC is the foot switch but for the price of the IPC, I think you could rig up something much cheaper on the aztec. I think with either unit there is a chance of getting a bit wet but maybe technique will define how much.

My opinion the Aztec could come with an option for 4 brushes.

What this does is scrub better and keep the user dry. These are two of the concerns that users have commented on.

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It comes with 4 brushes, I’m assuming that you meant 8 brushes?

The brushes are one of the most expensive things on the whole unit. Doubling the brushes would greatly increase the cost. However, I don’t think it would add anything to the scrubbing process. I’ve cleaned thousands of screens with my washer and it’s mainly about technique.

  1. Stand behind the hose - this will prevent you from getting wet.

  2. Use soap - just a quick squirt of soap (I add an extra dose of soap in my squirt bottle) on a stack of screens will go a long way

  3. Use circular motions - this cleans the frames, agitates the dirt and gives the best result. I usually spend about 10 seconds per screen

  4. Run through slowly at the end to rinse off the soap

  5. Lightly tap the screen to remove most of the water and/or dry with a microfiber towel

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I have only used the Aztec but I like it. Since the IPC doesn’t have folding feet I don’t think I would want it, all my equipment needs to be space efficient for transporting and storing.


Sorry it’s been awhile since I’ve been able to get back to this topic, this is been the busiest season in my history ,15 years on my own. Decided not to get a screen washer there’s too many negatives for me. Thanks for all your advice and input guys I appreciate it.

What negatives did you find

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The first one was it seems like I’ll get soaking wet, it seems kind of flimsy for the price, I would have to bring all the screens outside wash them ,change my shoes and clothes so I don’t track in mud and dirt all over their multimillion-dollar home. There are other reasons but that was the 3 Biggie’s for me mind you I am a one-man operation so it seems like a lot of work for me!

You should take another look.

If you’re cleaning multimillion dollar homes couple 100 bucks is nothing to speed you up some.

Aztec is not flimsy or going to soak you.

What’s your current process ?


They are sturdy, and we just wear disposable shoe covers when using it.

This machine has been pure profit since I got one at the Convention this year. Been kinda kicking myself for not getting one sooner.