Poop Pole

My Holiday Post Card mailing helped me get a large shopping center with 156 awnings to clean. The main problem with the awnings is large amounts of Bird Droppings. (I love birds and the little gifts they leave behind!)

Here are a few pictures of me using my “Poop Pole” that helps me pretreat the Bird Droppings before cleaning the awnings. It’s really helpful in making my work easier.

Wayne :o)

Hello Wayne,

I’ve never done awning before. It might be something I want to look into.
Any advise on cleaning methods, cleaners, tools?

What are you pretreating them with? I notice 2 pretreating tips. Is 1 for chemical and one for scrubbing?

Do you make more money doing awnings than windows?

Hi JetCity,

Yes, if you’re cleaning windows, awning cleaning is a great add on. Much of the equipment you have for window cleaning can be used for awning cleaning - extension poles, window scrubbers, garden hoses, ladders, soft brush, water key etc.

I have posted several Awning Cleaning videos on Youtube you may want to check them out. Just type “awning cleaning” in the search field at Youtube and also check out my website and see the link on “How to Clean Your Own Awnings”. how to clean awnings

One thing you need to be aware of - not all awnings can be safely cleaned. Some are too old or damaged and the seams or fabric are weak and can be damaged during the cleaning process. (I found this out the hard way when I first started, I then had to quickly learn Awning Repair. But that was too bad either because I learned how to repair awnings and it’s a big part of my business.)

Best regards,

Hi Kevin,

Yes, I use one tip to apply some enzyme based cleaning solution and the other tip for scrubbing. My pre-treatment is to apply the cleaner directly on the poop and let it dwell for 5 to 10 minutes (and may reapply again for really baked on poop) and then clean the awning my normal way. This method works very well. I also keep my “poop pole” handy to reapply and scrub if some of the poop remains.

Best regards,

Hi Mike,

I make 80% of my income by cleaning awnings. On my current shopping center project of 156 awnings (16,000 sf of awning fabric) I estimated it would take me and my helper about 30 hours. I have now logged 16 hours so far and we’re 3/4 done - only 5 to 6 hours left to completion. - A very good job!

When I started in the cleaning business, I decided, to become an expert in some aspect of cleaning and awnings cleaning was that to me.

Best regards,

Very interesting Wayne. Just wondering why the pretreatment? Does it speed up the final cleaning? Or are there staining issues one shoud be aware of?

Hi Tony,

How are things going for you up in Iowa? Any additional reports on your new squeegee holster after using it for a few weeks?

Bird droppings on canvas awnings are hard to remove because they are dried out by the sun unto the top of the fabric and locking themselves unto the weave of the fabric. Pre-treating is a big key in loosening their bonds to the fabric. (It much like the inside of your oven at home, how the drippings from your food bakes unto the walls and bottom of your oven. - Really hard stuff to remove without some sort of loosening agent like Easy Off.) By doing the pre-teatments, I’ve saved hours of time fighting with it to come off. My helper with an extension pole, dabs a bit of cleaner on each bird dropping spot and in a few minutes they’re ready for me to clean them off with my normal awning cleaning technic.

Best regards,

Thanks Wayne. The new holster is awesome! I highly recommend getting one. Things here are not so good right now as my mother just passed away on Thursday. Hopefully we will get thru this and adjust w/ time. I’ve had to rearrange several jobs as we spent some time at the hospital before her passing. Makes for a little more stress at this time of year w/ the weather changing. Hope you and yours are well.

I’m so sorry to hear of your loss, Tony. My thoughts are with you and your loved ones.

Im sorry for you loss as well Tony. If I can be of any assistance with anything please let me know.


So sorry to hear of your mother’s passing. My best thoughts are with you and your family.


Sorry to hear that Tony .
My condolences to you and your family .

Thanks guys, it means alot.

One more reason you want to pretreat bird poo, is that there are over 60 diseases that you can get from it. Some of them can kill you and I know one of them can cause blindness. Bird poo is not something to take lightly. It is recommended that it be kept wet so any bad stuff does not release into the air. Some have recommened wet newspaper (Soaked) be placed on top of it to remove it. But that’s with large large amounts. I did a quote for a state school here who had never had a building cleaned in over 100 years. No joke. They have at least 1 foot of the stuff up in the over hangs of their building. In some cases and states it can be considered toxic and a hazmat team must remove it. But once again that’s on large large amounts. I think cleaning the little amounts would not be so bad. But wetting it down is always a good thing.