Portable affordable house filtration/occasional job system

Wondering what you guys would recommend for portable cheap way to make DI system mainly for house filtration I can take for occasional window washing job.

I have no experience with resin. Used DI in a past.

  • Thinking about some cart/dolly with 1/2 cb tank strapped on it, or just 20" hosing.
  • DI rather than RO, don’t want to loose pressure
  • ION resin enough? Thinking since it will be for showering etc. and as far as I know CATION resin uses acid ?? Or is Virgin resin the best?

Any recommendation on resin brand/type?

btw mostly well water, I think we have 170 TDS. I know RO is better but I rather not loose pressure in a house.

We have full cube DI tanks. They utilize mixed bed resin - cation and anion. Each attracts different solids.

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WCR Sales

I would not use a mixed bed resin tank for filtering whole house water supply. There are many whole house filters on the market that will be more cost effective. If you want to make pure water for occasional window job catch rain water off the roof. Use a backpack sprayer that connects to the wfp.