Portercable Pressure Washer- $499 - Honda motor w/CAT Pump.... deal or no deal?

Came accross this deal on Craigslist and was thinking about picking one up. It comes with a 1 year warranty. What do you think?

2800 PSI Pressure Washer

Personally I wouldn’t get anything less than 4 gpm if you keep looking there our there. I purchased all of mine off of Cl you just have to keep looking.

No deal!

Honestly Gpm is overated, depending on the circumstance. If you are washing residential I would suggest a 3000 PSI Ridgid from home depot 649.00, get one hundred feet of good hose. It has a Subaru motor with a Cat pump and is a great machine. I have made a TON of money with that thing.

I also have a 4000 psi Landa machine and and a 6.0 gpm 2400 psi bulldog with a Subaru motor and the bulldog pump, use it for stucco and fences etc. But my lowest price machine is a great combo of light, powerful, good on fuel! One tank which is 1.35 gallon gets me 3.50 hours of use.

I agree with higher gpm if you have lower psi, they work hand in hand, cleaning units etc. But for the low cost buy the ridgid and if you want to spend a G, you shoud get a Bulldog from [URL=“http://www.pressurewasher.net”]

GPM is were it’s at! When your rinsing chemical of the house you will be happy you have more GPM. If you are just blasting the dirt off and not using chemicals then I guess it doesn’t matter, but why? That would take forever, and you couldn’t do it from the ground. Downstream or Xjet your chems on (doesn’t matter to much which more of personal preference) Wait 5-10 minutes and rinse… More water faster rinse, faster rinse, quicker job, quicker job, more jobs, more money… GPM!

If you’re serious about cleaning get the highest gpm you can afford, unless you want to be there all day, blasting one inch at a time.

Don’t bother with less than 4 gpm unless you’re broke or live in the desert.

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as soon as you see what 4gpm can do, you will start having inappropriate dreams about 8pgm. just sayin’

After running our hydrotech all year, I turned on my little 2.8 gpm from 2 years ago and it’s like playing with one of those clear plastic squirt guns…