I recently discovered another company is using my name in their title. They also use SanMarcosWindowWashing.net. I’m .com. They advertise heavily so they’re always on top. I know I should’ve picked something more catchy. Anyway, they have all the stock high rise photos and even a bubble man…They also have a WCRA logo. I just want yall to know, I’m THE REAL San Marcos Window Washing!


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not sure why u chose washing over cleaning… imo cleaning sounds better has normally has more google hits than washing.

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That sucks!
I know a few ppl who own a few variations of their domain name for exactly this reason - when a domain is only $10 or so a year it make sense if you’re in a high competition area I guess.

Just make sure your website is better - use REAL photos of you and your team at work as these always generate a better reaction than stock images, and just wait it out,… they won’t be spending on adwords forever & when they stop you’ll be ahead of them…


Are you registered and legit with the state?

If so, a nice cease an decist should take care of your issues.

I originally was but that got taken as I started to design a website. My actual website is Sanmarcoswindowcleaning.moonfruit.com. Again, they also had stock photos and a bogus number. Maybe they just want to get bought out.

I have a DBA registered with the city. I think that means you could still register it in another city.

Check here to see if they are a member: http://thewcra.com/get-work/members-map.html

It looks as if their domain was registered 2 weeks ago, whereas your was registered in 2012.

Obviously they are biting on you, especially considering that sanmarcoswindowcleaning.com is actually available.

Pay a lawyer $200, cease and decist order. You definitely have the upper hand here.


I’m not even on the map. I’m going on my second year of being a WCRA member too