Potential Employee Theft

Hey guys, wanted to get your thoughts on a situation. Got a call from a customer this morning who’s home we cleaned yesterday. It was just my one employee and I there, he cleaned inside while I washed the outside of the home. The customer and I set up a time to meet at the office.

When he came in he said that last night his wife noticed a medallion/necklace was missing. They went and looked for it, couldn’t find it, then discovered that a few other jewelry items were missing. None of the items were extremely valuable and had more sentimental value than anything. He was very calm and understanding and I made sure to let him know that I would speak with my employee, do anything I could to help, and be completely cooperative through the process.

Spoke with my employee and he calmly denied taking anything. This employee has been with me for 4-5 years, has never had any issues, doesn’t drink or take drugs, and it a great employee. I want to believe him but also am not naive enough to think that “there’s no possible way he could do it”. The customer said that we were the only ones who had been in the home since his wife last saw the medallion. (We were also at the home while no one else was there). I do trust this employee and he’s always inside homes while I’m outside. As of now I’m just waiting until the homeowner contacts the police (which I recommended he do) so we can talk with them.

How would you guys handle this situation?

I would tell the customer to call the police and let them handle it.


If you can, let us know how this turns out. I hope it does for the best!