Power washing waivers

Hey guys does anyone have a waiver that they use for PW. I don’t really use much pressure mostly softwashing but I would still like a release/ waiver form especially for oxidation.Who uses them? And would anyone be willing to share ?


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You really don’t need a waiver unless you’re not confident in your work. I’ve done dozens of pressure washing & stucco cleaning with no issues.

I’m looking for more of terms and conditions type of thing. And I wanted something to hand a customer that protects me agains siding oxidation.

You don’t need a waiver unless you have no insurance to cover your mistake and or you’re not confident in your own work.

What problems with oxidation have you run into so far?

The waiver is to protect you from stupid claims, like uncovering pre-existing issues with the building. Your insurance pays out a couple of those claims within a few years, and you may soon find yourself practically uninsurable. (And yes, many times the insurer will pay a small claim rather than try and fight it. It costs them less in the long run)

The way I see it, I pay for insurance to cover me for when I might really screw up some day. Not to provide free siding or other repairs for a homeowner who hasn’t maintained their property adequately, and would like to blame me for the issues I discover while performing a routine maintenance task.

And even if they don’t win a claim, it costs Liberty Mutual or any other carrier money to defend against frivelous claims. The way I see it, power washing opens you up to a lot more scenarios that could result in a frivelous lawsuit, and the defense isn’t always as cut and dry as “that IGU had obviously failed eons ago, removing the dirt just made it apparent.”


None yet I plan on offering the services after the winter. I just know there could be potential issues and want to get ahead of the game.

In response to Alex’s post exactly right. I plan on using only soft washing practices which will reduce the chances of removing the oxidation. But I want a waiver because when I find oxidation on a house ide like something to hand to a customer to help explain and help them understand the circumstances. I also want something to give them to sign so after I tell them of the potential risks and they agree to them, god forbid after the job is done and its happens to dry weird or some oxidation has been removed ide like to have a piece of signed paper in hand saying I told you and you agreed to it.

Great point and I couldn’t agree more with you. I always inform my customers of all the possibilities of previous damage that they may see after the service is finished. So far haven’t had one issues though I am defiantly going to make a waiver now to avoid insurance rates going up. I already have waivers for my window cleaning part of business. Hard water stain removal and paint/over spray removal with blade.

One of the main reasons we got out of house washing was because of the potential for damage. I have heard all the stories, from starting fires because of a bad exterior electrical outlet, to ruining interior carpet from spraying around or under ill fitting doors.

We have been blamed for making the siding lighter a couple of times. It was usually a south facing side that gets a lot of sun and the siding was oxidized to hell.

A waiver is a great idea, along with a visit to the property to do some finger swiping on south facing, exposed siding. I have a friend in the industry who goes to every job and takes quick notes and pictures of everything before providing an estimate. He can then tell his crews ahead of time if anything unusual can be expected.

Does anyone have a waiver they are willing to share? Or at least there processe on what they say/ inform the customer on potential problems?

You may also try to do some google searches using terms like pressure washing waiver samples, or examples. Key words like that will probably give you some ideas.

Check here, maybe someone has started a thread on this topic.