PRAGMATIC Window washing

i dont know if this going to help any one but just want to say if you are confronted with really dirty windows and the situation allows try this…

i´ll say again if the situation allows …

i use this very effective process now and then …( example — once yearly or a first clean )

if the residential commercial property you are cleaning is really dirty and has for example other things around or on the window that are also to be cleaned … example again in Germany many house have outside sun blinds ( Aluminium ) or Rolladen ( rolling sun shutters made of UPVC that roll down from above the window either manually or electronically to cover the window … these are often caked and its pointless attacking these with a cloth and a bucket … get my jist ???

Try this … if the house or property has water taps outside rig up a hose thats running off normal tap water and is of suitable length wash your area down ( break the job up into blocks ) with a soap of choice then rinse down with the same tap water hose and washing…( i use Ecover ) the crux is if the water has a high TDS its ok but you have to attack one area at a time before the Tap water dries … other wise it will leave lime scale… (white spotting from the minerals in the tap water )

Then after doing this wash down with Tap water and the hose ( with those adjustable garden hose hand guns… spray light spray mist … normal mode )

then !!! rinse the area down with a small pressure washer a (25 L ) Barrel of PURE WATER !!! its extremely surprising how little pure water is needed to rinse down the tap water …

because the flow rate is much greater than a Normal WFP the rinsing is not only much more effective but obviously much quicker and if you get your technique right !!! you will leave the window spot free and looking much cleaner than if you had used a Wfp… Wfp has its place Yes of course … but certain situations call for another approach.

Doing it this way you will save greatly on Pure water costs because the high flow of the Hose water gets most of the job done and speed of the pressure washer and pure water gives that final rinse

So using this process i have cleaned the sun blinds inside and out the window frames the sill and the window glass ( one guy is cleaning from the inside opening and shutting windows in tandem with me )

You dont have to buy an expensive rig… you just need a suitable garden hose with Spray gun to connect to the tap water on the job
one 10 m or 20 m Pressure washer hose ( LIGHT WEIGHT )

a Pressure washer hand gun with quick release nozzle connection or vario nozzle

a low pressure Pressure washer with around 80 - 120 Bar ( 1160 - 1450 PSI )
with the ability to suck from a stationary container
( this reduces the pressure to nice rinse flow but a flow rate that is not going to cause damage )

and trolley to transport the Pure water barrel …
if you get some strapping or bungee chords you can attach you pressure washer to the trolley …

you described exactly what I do for really dirty windows,

jealousies are also a good candidate for a hose washing. I have a mobile rig setup that I take into the home and blast the windows pushing the water outside. saves time and does a more thourough job.

but like you mentioned its good for some, not all situations.

[SIZE=3]Sounds interesting.

John or DHWC.

Would you have any pictures so to relate to what sort of set ups you use?

Specially for using inside[/SIZE]:confused:[SIZE=3]

GEt video done HErman…it is very effective and in effect there is no other way… i am not going to get me nerves in a twist just using a Bucket and a ( or ) WFP

quality is quality especially when the sun is hot… What you have to understand is not only is it effective it is really pleasant way of cleaning which is also more thorough… you just may have to touch up at the end… it a less fussy way of cleaning i would say which gives 9 times out of ten more superior results[/SIZE]

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sounds like you take on hard work John . im slowly getting out of anything thats hard . i wont do one-offs at any price these days as the physical effort needed is often 4 or 5 times that of a simple regular job . that one you describe sounds higher still,take care you dont burn your body out mate

Morning Johnny… actually things have gotten lighter due to certain cleaning systems… i used to clean these Blinds and shutters with the hand but whizz through them now…i Generally work hard anyway … actually came across a unique way of cleaning residential recently that actually saves time stress and energy and gives a more quality … i will have toget a video done of this . i think it will be of great interest of those that do high quality trad for resi and appreciate a slightly different approach.

All The Best john

Morning John,i guess youre an hour into your work by now being 1 hour ahead of here,what time do you kick off? i pick my workers up at 0845 and pay starts at 9 o"clock sharp. Talking of tough work ive still got a few 3 storey ladder jobs in the list but next year im thinking off dropping them because im bored with the challenge of them/plus in winter they are a risky proposition . My workers hate the high stuff bigtime !

  your work in Germany seems different to the UK routine, seems as tho youve mainly big places in your daily list ? i suppose every firms different .  

my work is 95% the low end housing, you know the type , retired folks housing/partime workers or “benefit- wallahs” ,bug hutches for the most part with friendly chats along the way , its a case of doing 20-30 of these a day per 2man crew and then get off home around 3 -4pm.
over the winter im goin to design /print a flier aimed solely at the low cost housing clientele , it will name their Estate,maybe even their own road and make them feel special ,to increase further still our presence .i hope they can read it !!