Prayers required for Diego Garcia - Fellow window cleaner suffered a fall

Positive thoughts goes out to Diego and his family at this time. Ladder and roof safety is a priority, experience gives us exposure. Be safe out there everyone.

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Anybody here from Kansas that can help cover his jobs until he recovers so he doesn’t lose his accounts? I’m sure his family would appreciate it and good karma is good karma.


Was blindsided when I heard about him this morning.

Someone will start a gofundme or something. Pretty sure he works for someone still.

Great guy.


Hopefully they have workmans comp. My prayers are with him and his family. I hate hearing stories like this. Hopefully everything turns out okay.

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Diego is a good friend of ours and we are all pulling for his speedy recover. God bless.


Sorry to hear. We will keep him in our prayers.

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Yeah he works for some one

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Very sad. I don’t know this fellow window washer but I do hate to hear when anyone is seriously injured like this. I too, would like to know if a GoFundme page is established.
Would really like to help out by making a contribution.

Jeff, Ohio

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I second that. Seeing as how we don’t know how to contact him. @WindowCleaningMag can you/ are you willing to set one up. Its not much but ill contribute $25 to get it going.

I hate to hear stuff like this, our prayers are with him and his family!

I’m so sadneded to hear about Diego. We’ve become friends over the years and he has a heart of gold. One of the hardest working window cleaners I have ever met. He loves window cleaning.

Please help if you can Diego's Medical Expense Fund, organized by Indira Washington


defo heart of gold buddy

This is a must , An I hope someone jumps on this , it’s vital that he has his accounts back once he is ready to get back out there.
Prayers go out to this man ,An his family . Very sad when I hear something like this.

Very sad to hear of this. Prayers for him and his family.


New update guys on Diego. Family annoucment.

Yes it is Jeff, here you go bud Diego's Medical Expense Fund, organized by Indira Washington

Any update on this situation?

I ran into Diego a few months ago, he seemed to be doing good. He was doing some commercial windows. He talked like he was doing really good and had recovered well.


Diego is doing very well. Has his own company in Kansas City now!