Pre-Schedule Discounts?

Have any of you offered "If you go ahead and let us schedule now for Spring or Fall or Summer, We will take X amount OFF your Bill right now.? If so how much would be good for Your Company and motivational for them? Thanks

95% of my customers are done on a repeat annual basis and ask me to keep them on my schedule, I just call and tell them when we are coming. Rarely do I have time to fit in new cutomers during the months of May-August, if they can’t wait I will charge extra. It’s probably fair to say I have very few clients that would care about getting a discount, most of them are giving me generous tips and lots of refferals so my price must be right? A few clients have even hinted that I don’t charge enough. Although everyone on this forum would like to get $600/hr., most of us are interested in providing an outstanding service at a fair price, yet we don’t want to work cheap either. It would be interesting to see what role the psychology of “discount marketing” plays in a service sector like window cleaning. The extent of my discounts are free rain storm touch ups, fixing shades, tall ladder favors, etc.

Well do like 10% if they schedule the next one a few months in advance…

Thats worth it to me for good schedule revenue forecasting…

We won’t knock any off today’s bill, but if the customer agrees to quarterly cleans we give a pretty good discount

We’ll do 5% for early scheduling, but do a lot more discounting with: “Go in June instead of May, Go in March instead of April and we can offer x% off…” Helps even out the schedule, reducing overtime pay.