Pressure Wash Overspray?

So I have these problem residential windows I’ve been getting help on from the forum. I originally thought they had some Aquapel or a UV coating or the low-e was turned outside. They don’t allow me to make a squeegee pull without making weird hazy streaks everywhere.

My latest theory is that they pressure washed the home or deck and left some solution on the windows that won’t come off. For all you pressure washers out there, is this a possibility?

Any good powerwasher would know to rinse really good. Also that would have have to be a harsh mix of chems used. I don’t think thats the problem. Ask the H.O. maybe they could shed some lite on the subject. Could the lawn sprinkler be hitting it, causing hard water stains?

Every window, or just a few? If only 1 or 2, maybe they were by a grill causing grease?

What kind of siding does the home have?

How long ago was the home washed?

What methods have you tried other than squeegee?

I should have continued the discussion on this thread, but I’ve determined it might be something else than aquapel, heres a link to that thread.

They have painted siding, the problem windows are only on areas where there is a deck, both on ground level and upstairs, which is why I’m trying to figure out if it was pressure washed. The owner said the lower section was pressure washed when they stained the concrete lower deck, but that doesn’t explain why it is the same on the deck upstairs if it was the material used to stain the cement, plus I have been having the problem since before they stained the deck. I also clean their businesses, and I know they have employees pressure wash there, too, so I’m working on the assumption that they had done it themselves at one time, and didn’t hire a proffessional, and may have used a solution in their mix pressure washers might know about…

Maybe it’s deck staining.

Maybe, except for the fact that the upper deck is not the same as the bottom and was not stained, it is come kind of composite plastic material. So I’m leaning towards some kind of cleaning solution that leaves a film if not properly rinsed.

Anyone know if it’s a possibility?

How high up are the windows from from deck? That may have to be some serious splatter from cleaning a deck. Did you try a hard water stain remover or soft scrub on the glass? Just a suggestion.

It’s definitely not hard water it’s almost like a uv coating or low-e turned inside out, except I talked to the manufacturer and they said that my description over the phone to them doesn’t sound like that’s the problem.

Scrubbed with every abrasive you can think of and alcohol as a solvent.

I’ve been afraid to try an acid until I know what I’m dealing with.