Pressure washer cracked sight glass

I bought my Pressure-pro 4GPM 4000 psi CAT belt drive unit about a month ago. I’ve only used this at two customers homes. Both of these homes tested at about 7GPM hose flow. This thing only has about 6hours total on it and now all of a sudden it looks like both of my pump sight glass are cracked!!! Unreal, anyone have any clue how this could happen???

To add to the specifics, I’ve never left it on bypass for more than 10 seconds, checked pump and engine oil and garage kept this unit from day one. Totally besides myself with this issue, thought I bought a good machine with a good pump, disappointed in pressure-pro right now!!

Who did you buy it from ? Im sure you can gt a new one . Not sure if this is your model But

Someone from Pressure Pro finally called me back . they said this is a known problem for some of the cat pumps he is sending me new oil and sightglass is to repair. My only concern is now the oil in there is milky which is telling me that some water got through to the wrong side of the pump. Should I be concerned about pump damage?