Pressure washer inside enclosed trailer

I’m thinking of buying a hot water pressure washer. I have 5X8 enclosed trailer. Does anybody try to put washer inside trailer. Do i need to install some kind of special exhaust for burner and engine, or just open door will be fine?

Open door would probably be fine - but installing an exhaust would not be very difficult to complete to be safe.

What kind of pressure washer? I’m scared you’ll be running very close to the weight limit for a 5x8 trailer. Not to mention not having enough room. Not saying it can’t be done… but it’s going to be close.

Having such tight quarters, you’ll want to vent all exhaust outside for sure. Vent the burner exhaust through the ceiling and vent the engine exhaust from the muffler through the floor. This will maximize the amount of cool fresh air for the engine.

Trailer has a 3500 lbs axle. I had a 2500 lbs on it several times and it hold up great. I found that hot washer units weight around 1000 lbs. I don’t know if i need a water tank or not. I was thinking maybe 100 gallons if so, that’s another about 1000 lbs.
I really like the idea of venting engine thought the floor. You had a great point, fresh air for engine. Have not consider that

I’m having one built right now. It is a 10 foot, there isn’t very much room to spare. I am having the exhaust vented as well

We are looking forward to getting it finished as we are starting to line up q lot of pw’ing work. The weather here this week is going to be record highs!

Can u post a picture when u get it?

Hear, hear!

Here’s ours. We mounted it towards the rear with a 250 gallon water tank right in front of it basically over the axle. As you can see, we set it in just a bit off center to the left so we had room to get by. We had a local welder fabricate the brackets mounted to the skid frame holding our hose reels. One hose reel is for our pressure washer hose. The other reel is for our wfp. We have a dc pump that pulls water from our water tank, through our ex pure filter system, and feeds the wfp. I’ll see if I can get some more pictures of the inside soon. This is an older one and we’ve made a few changes since. No problem with running this unit as long as the doors are open. Plenty of ventilation and cooling.

Looks nice, Sam

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Sam. Do you get black streaks on the roof of the trailer from the exhaust?

I have a 5x8 & a portable unit in it
I just point the exhaust outside & let it rip. I don’t take the unit out

That looks great. I like the hose reels mounted on the roof.

So i found local powerwashing store in richmond: What a cool people. I talk with the owner for maybe an hour. He explain me all the stuff with trailers and powerwashers. They build them on site to.
I was not sure if i want to spend extra money for heating unit. He told me that somebody just traded in a cold water, 20hp honda, gp pump 3500psi, 5.5 gpm, belt driven unit with 900 hours on it. He was selling it for $1700 (new around $3000). I couldn’t resist good deal. I’m getting a 100-150 gallon tank and i"ll mount everything on the trailer this weekend.
They sell 12.5 bleach, he also gave me a gallon of brown stuff to try it out for free. Good day:D

I too have a closed in trailer! It’s All About Advertising! I don’t want to look like a LANDSCAPER!

[video=youtube_share;1-yltKN84ys]TWG Trailer Tour - YouTube

Here’s a quick walk through of our trailer that I put together today.

Pressure Wash Supplies from Pressure Wash Outlet

I posted some pics of a trailer that we recently completed for a customer. This trailer happened to be a 14 foot and had 2 hot water units and a water tank. We exhaust through the ceiling but can exhaust through the wall or the floor although we try to avoid the floor because of the burners and their design.

The hot water skids that we use weigh about 800 pounds and we calculate water weight based on 8 pounds per gallon…that may give you a bit more wiggle room as you are deciding what items you want in your unit.


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Sam, nice trailer setup. Looks like you have a pretty efficient setup. I was just wondering what type of hose reels you have and how many feet of PW hose you are running?