Pressure washing estimate

Need help with a pressure washing estimate. Lady needs windows and pressure washing done for the ground. I don’t have a lot of experience pressure washing and don’t know how long it would take to complete this job. Help would be appreciated.

do you have the equipment to do it?

I have a pressure washer and will rent another one.

Its hard to give a price for a job when I have no idea of what your rental cost for the equipment or even a time depending on what you rent.

Ideally you will probably want a large enough machine to power a decent size surface cleaner, with enough hoses that you don’t need to stop every 10 mins to move your machine.

Seems like maybe 2 hours work with my set up.


don’t forget the time involved moving furniture looks around $275 2 hours max

I am new to learning pressure washing but some things to consider as you are new too.

What are the specs on the pressure washer that you will rent? 2.5 GPM; 4 GPM?
Will you be using water pressure only or chemicals (poolside?)
Will you rent a surface cleaner or make the mistake of wand only?
Figure in the time to remove and replace all furniture and potted plants.

No true way to help with your pricing without knowing what your equipment and game plan will be.

Honestly before you take on any pressure washing jobs I would do some serious research at there’s alot more to it than just blasting the siding with pressure and you can do some serious damagewith even a cheap box store machine. Look up down streaming and x jet. If its just the concrete/ hard scape then theres not too much to it but you want to keep your psi at a max of aroumd 2500. Also you need a surface cleaner. Cleaning flat surfaces with a wand is soooo ridiculously slow its not even really worth it. Alot of pool decks I come across have efflorecence staining and thats a whole different ball game. No amount of pressure will clean that.


2hrs …Would that be pre spay ,then surface clean ,or just pre-spray , then rinse ?
It looks real clean so …
I’m thinking pre -spray ,an rinse.

Setup> pre spray> surface clean> rinse> put stuff away>check

It would be very rare you would just pre spray and rinse. If you did that probably a roof mix spray let it sit then rinse but even then the surface cleaner would make it look even better


Find out what they use when they treat that pool too. Some people get crazy about pool water and the run off from your mix might pose a problem.

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I really wouldn’t be too worried about the pool, after all its not really gonna hurt it to have a little higher chlorine content, its quite a largish pool I really doubt it would effect the overall ph in the slightest.

After all there pretty much only 5 things that you would put in a pool chlorine, acid, buffer and stabalizer and salt if its salt water chlorinated.

People in NE ohio are on this new chlorine free kick. I didnt really pay attention to what they use now but I’ve been told they dont want run off in the pool 3 times so far this month. Havent had anyone care for at least the last 3 years that I can remember. 2 were a repeat customer one was new. Hope the madness doesn’t spread your way!

Pool decks generally sloped to drain into pool. Sorry I can’t conquer gravity.