Pressure washing (residenital)

I have been thinking about adding pressure washing to my window cleaning. I lost a job yesterday because I did not offer it as a service. So my question is, Can I just get a 2.5 gpm washer from lowes are home depot and change the tips out? I am not interested in getting into commercial just yet with it. I am only interested in eaves, porches and maybe sidewalk/driveway for my residential customers. Would this get me by for 3-6 months until I can afford to go get a 4.0gpm machine?


007, I started out doing just that, and I can tell you the 2.5 gpm washer from home depot will work, but it takes along time to clean anything. The pressure washer didn’t last the summer and the wheel fell off the first day. the washer was crap. I would suggest looking on ebay I found a 4000psi 4gpm pressure washer for $600. Good luck.

007 I do pressure washing also. I have a 2000 psi pressure washer that I use on gutters and siding. For driveways and sidewalks I try to sell the customer on steam cleaning. For that I rent the machine, but it is worth the money. After you run over a driveway with a 24" scrubber and steam, it will look like brand new. Here you can rent one for $125 a day. The unit cost around $5000-8000 brand new.


How much do you charge for steam cleaning?

Are your competitors (such as professional PW’ers) using hot water PW’ers or steam cleaners?

How do results compare to PW’ing with a 4+GPM unit?

I get any where from .20-.25 a sq ft.
The comp uses both but most use pressure washers.
With the steam I use the flat surface cleaner and can clean a driveway quicker than someone with a regular pressure washer.

Have you ever tried one with a flat surface cleaner?