Price per skylight?

So I’ve been searching the archives and I’m sure I missed it somewhere, but what are you guys charging per sky light? I haven’t come across many of them and so I typically just charge $5 per side, Today I had a house with a bunch of them and I jumped it up to $10 per side and kept that up for the rest of the day and no one had an issue. I just don’t know where I should be putting that price at.

Also does anyone have any tricks for cleaning the rounded plexiglass skylights?

I usually get between $10-25 per. There are too many variables to set one price.

Usually $20/skylight for us. But as [MENTION=37763]JohnB[/MENTION] said, there are a lot of variables. I’ve charged as low as $10 a piece if they have a bunch of easy access ones with no screens, and up to $40 when I’ve needed to bring an extension ladder indoors.

That’s per skylight not per side right?

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$25 for in out. Sometimes it’s more, rarely it’s less.

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OK perfect that’s what I was looking for. Any tips on cleaning them? And the round topped ones?

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My prices were for in & out as well. Outside only is usually 70% of the full price.

I haven’t found any awesome ways to clean the round ones. I just use two hucks, one wet and one dry, to buff them. If you have one you can experiment on: I always wondered if one of those headlight restoration kits would work to clear the haze from that type of skylight. Maybe you can find out for us :wink:

I’ve never tried it on skylights (plexiglass) but on plexiglass windows I use Pledge Furniture Polish. Used it for about 20 years now and works great. Has anyone else ever used it?

Bringing this post back from the dead-

I recently did some work for a friend and it included his 3 dome Plexi skylights. First time he has ever cleaned them and they were very heavily worn/weathered. I attempted to use the headlight restore kit and it definitely seemed to help but def not 100% I would say more like 80%. Wish I had pics to share but I lost my phone. Has anyone else recently or in the past had luck with any other product or technique with these dome skylights?

BTW- I charged $35 each for the wash and restoration.

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