Price this and give opinion

Hi guys…

Have to write up a quote for this job…

I will (if successful0 be carrying out the work on a monthly basis.

What would you charge per month for this?

The quote is for the round section of glass on the ground floor and 1st floor along with the balcony glass railing…the glass in the right back ground is not incl…I am only to clean the domed glass and balcony rail.

I will use wfp on the ground floor and balcony…i will not be able to get the wfp up onto the 1st floor though because of the railings and height so will clean these “the old way”

you can see the proportions of the glass by looking at the 6ft6" doors on ground floor and balcony.

I am thinking of charging €70 this works out at $110…

What do you think…
feel free to point me in the right direction…

I am not that used to commercial work


Hey Rob

I’d probably ask for around $120-140 for a job like that so long as it was definitely being done on a monthly basis, so you aren’t far off from my pricing. I always try to have a price range in my head and deliver them the higher price first. That way if they balk at the price you leave yourself a bit of negotiating room and can go down a little and still make the $$ you want to be making.

My price would be similar to Sean’s, although I would not turn down your price of $110. I have to ask though, why can’t you use the WFP for the uppers?

As you can see from the picture, if one was to stand on the ground up the steps, or even at the bottom of the steps for that matter, the glass balcony railings block the pole so that the brush would only hit the top of the very highest pane, also the glass on the upper level is further back into the building why furthermore makes this impossible.

Perhaps you ask me this in the instance of me standing on the top balcony and using the WFP from here…

this wouldn’t work either as i would not have enough of a hose on my WFP as i cannot park just on the steps. Also as i work by myself at the moment i would have to leave my van below at the entrance of the busy shopping mall and somehow hoist my WFP onto the upper floor…I just don’t think it would work for me, especially since i work by myself…

Would you have a solution to my above problems…?
I would love to WFP the upper windows but cannot see a way around it.
perhaps you can see something that i cannot?..tell me if so.

is that price for outside only? if so i would charge around 150.00

if it is inside/outside i would charge around the 300.00 range…

Price is for outside dome only…Per month on monthly basis.
I am now thinking of offering the equivalent of around $120-$130 for outside.

Price DOESN’T incl inside but if it did i would then charge slightly more for that side…maybe $170 as i would not be using WFP for the inside at all.And WFP obviously saves me lots of time.

So if i was quoting for both inside and out i would similarly charge around $290 or $300 as well

But i am not unfortunately…

Maybe they might get the inside done every few months using me if i suggest it when i have been at the job a while.

Do you charge less for the time-savings a WFP brings?

More so i charge more for interior jobs and where a wfp is not use able.
What i am saying is i don’t do myself out of pocket on the wfp jobs but rather increase my base price when using the traditional method

The time savings are unreal…especially in cases where in the past ladders were required or worse still some sort of scaffolding.

Think about it you have only one tool, your wfp, and one simple action to perform, no messing around…i estimate that it would take me just 20 - 30 mins to clean the ground floor windows on this job maybe even less.

I use wfp i estimate 80% of the time…i don’t like working indoors when window cleaning as there is alot of hassle with the customer right in front of you or even worse when you find that the customer is not home and hasn’t left a key after you travel to a regular least with exterior you can suit yourself and do the work when it suits you, and if the customer is not home drop him a note through the latter box stating the time of job completion…also there is less room for mistake using wfp its extremely basic, a good job guaranteed once you rinse off after scrubbing.

Do you use wfp? if not i strongly recommend, especially for store fronts. these small storefronts that rake in the $$ are simply shaped and have wide big panes…a wfp can tackle these in a few mins.Thats $50-$100 and upwards in 20 mins in some cases

Rob, I use a rented DI tank that I have mounted on a hand truck. I just hook it up to the customers water and clean away. I forget that some use a static mount system. So if it’s not practical for you to use a portable system, can you add more hose?

As far as getting the pole up to the 2nd story, I would disconnect the hose, take it inside, and use the steps, or elevator if it would fit. I would then drop a rope from the 2nd story over the glass balcony. I would go downstairs and tie the rope to the hose and pull it up after going back to the 2nd story. Connect to the WFP and clean away. Would this work?

That’s got me thinking…i could do with one of those…only problem is those portable tanks aren’t very popular around here, as far as i know i could order one for purchase but not rent one, hire shops don’t rent them here.i could probably do with one of those on other jobs as well though, i will look into those.

As for bringing the unattached pole upstairs, yes that probably would work if i had a longer hose, my van will be parked quite a distance from the entrance steps though, and don’t really want to leave it open when i am so far away upstairs.

Also i have been told that i should cause minimum disruption to the customers, this is a busy mall enterance, so with hoses reaching up of the ground and along the floor, i don’t know if i would be relaxed in the job in knowing that i had long lengths of messy ropes on the ground behind me.

thanks for the feedback…That’s a solution anyhow…amn’t sure if i can implement it at the moment though, i will look into the portable tanks.

Rob, addressing the problem of leaving the van open and not being around,
if you look at the picture I posted under Van Signs about a week ago, in the first picture ( I know it’s not real clear) but under the phone number I drilled out two 1 inch holes and installed garden hose quick-connects. No more messing around connecting/unconnecting hoses inside the van. Lock up the van and your safe to go. If you want a more detailed picture (in and out) let me know.

Perfect Pane
Los Alamitos, Ca.

I don’t think Arthur rents stuff, but he might be worth a shot

That would save me alot of hassle, will try that and just need a longer hose after that.Can’t believe i never thought of a way around that problem.
If you can i would appreciate a close up pic and maybe a few step by step lines on how you went about doing it.No rush though–did you carry it out yourself?

Cheers Dave…you’ve really got me out of a hole here…that saves me so much hassle on other jobs as well as this…(if i get this one)

Again thanks.

This guy would probably be too far out for me to rent something to me…and i looked at the site and doesn’t look like he rents, but will look into the company,never heard of him before but looks like its a good setup.

Good contact for me to have now for my next wfp or tank purchase though.
will look into his product line and prices

Thanks for that…

How d’ you know him?..

I would guess I might charge $130-150. The problem is I have no idea of what kind of economy you have there. What price is competitive? I know what is “too low” or “too high” here, but there? I don’t know.

that is a good idea

He has been mentioned a good few times on an Irish forum as a good guy to deal with, Im originally from cork so i like to keep an eye on you lads:D

Ye i know what you mean…i would think our economy would be slightly stronger judging by exchange rates and such.that price would be pretty competitive now but i am eager to get more in involved in commercial w/c.
We are going into recession over here also but no one wants to admit it!!

Ye i am surprised i never came across him, he is a little far from me now so maybe that’s why…i and most of the guys around my area deal with a guy based in Dublin who distributes IONIC WFP’S…

ye you’d want to be keeping an eye on us guys, never know what we’d be getting up to;):wink:

Where in Cork are you from?..the mothers from Cork!!

Macroom, a great place to be from
OH is from Goatstown, anywhere near your neck of the woods

Oh didn’t realize “macroomboy” literally meant macroom boy…ha. woluldn’t be very familiar with that part though.

I you mean goatstown in dun laoghaire, then ye id know my way around there anyway…live maybe 40 mins away…(if thats the same goatstown):slight_smile:

Nah its in Dundrum near the Goatgrill