Check out this article. Feedback is appreciated.

i wouldn’t post that.


independent contractor in the field you work within is not legal in California anymore… right? @mshramek

$12 per window is definitely better than 5 and $4.50 but how the heck does it take an hour to clean 7 second story panes

Also if you charge $6 a pane and you say 1hr for 7 2nd story panes that means you’d be at like $42.00 per hr gross. That is incredibly low

Cleaning includes Brushing and vacuuming of tracks first, Inside and out of glass, and washing screens and putting them back in. We call it a maintenance cleaning.

Why not?

no offence intended but i think it is terrible. i think the talk about specific prices is counter productive. i don’t think most people care that much about price. i think there are much better ways to get the core message that you care about your employees across.


No offence taken. I think we need to bring this out into the open. Not hide it. It is what people are paying attention to when they consider whether or not to hire you and me. Also, the joe buckets out there need to be educated on how not to build a business that they can’t expand because their prices are too low and their customers have come to expect the same price as usual. Price dominates whether or not you can make enough to hire and still have money after expenses. Whether you make enough, especially in my market, to survive and pay rent/mortgage/life. The more we learn about it as fellow business owners and, by extension, your customers, the more they can appreciate why our prices are what they are. In my market, San Diego, It takes about $75,000.00 annually for a single person to live comfortably in the middle class. That is $6,250.00 per month. This month there is 22 week days. If I were an employee, that would be $284.00 a day. An 8 hour day is $35.51/hr… . As Self employed for that to be take home it is drastically different. We need to study this. Knowledge is power.

That is correct. I think this guys article is stating a conversation with his competitor. But yes, 100% illegal. If you’re subbing in CA, good luck with the FTB. Might as well bend over and kiss your a** goodbye :wink:

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that’s for 1099 sole proprietor stuff and nobody’s paying any ES taxes and owes everyone at the end of the year type stuff they’re trying to stop

It’s my understanding hiring an independent contractor who is a corporation is totally different or have you been advised differently @mshramek ?

I do believe if it’s a corporation, then you’ll be ok.

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