Pricing a job

Any suggestions on pricing cleaning all the windows and aluminium on the exterior of this Crosswalk??.. I’m thinking around $3,250…

There are 41 sections of the close up shot I have attached…

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Sounds kinda high for the amount of work. What do you figure it will take in terms of man hours?

How do you plan on cleaning the aluminum? It look’s like A sweet W.F.P. job.

In the test area I did I used 1restore and topped it with oil flow…

Don’t thing a WFP will get the aluminium clean…

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I think it will take 3 to 4 days of work… The aluminum is in very bad shape…

W.F.P. for only the glass not aluminum.

That price is doable, but I wouldn’t go lower. You got traffic control? Renting a lift, mainly for the aluminum?

Are you doing it alone or do you have help?

I would definitely rent a lift, charge them. You by yourself? The price is definitely rock bottom, I wouldn’t go any lower. Wear gloves!

I will have a helper with me. Yes, I will be renting a lift

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at four days, you are looking around an hour and a half to clean I section. Do you really think it will take that long? Also are you going to price the windows and aluminum separately? That might help avoid sticker shock