Pricing at a Chick-Fil-A?

A Chick-Fil-A with approximately 28 windows wants an initial cleaning ansd a price for performing weekly thereafter…inside and out. Been primarily residential and thinking $2-$2.50 per window? But then I have the continuous stream weekly & more than likely a reduced price. What would your “average” be for this?


I know the guy who does the ones around here. They go for around $60 in/out and takes one person about an hour and a half. He’s not the cheapest route guy around, but he’s not the most expensive either. So, you’re in the ballpark.

That’s EXACTLY what I quoted! I charged an initial $85 for the 1st cleaning as they are in dire straights to be done…lots of grime & dirt! They’ve let them go. I quoted the job & will follow up in the next few days. Thanks for the reassurance!