Pricing based on square footage of home

I’ve been trying to get out of doing estimates in person and have been playing around with doing them based on a homes square footage. Most home owners don’t know how many panes of glass or how many windows they have but they do know there square footage. Usually. So after a few questions about the type of windows they have how many stories and such. I have found that I can get a good ballpark figure based on sq footage. Anyone else doing the same?

That’s how I have been doing my estimates for years. I never count count windows anymore. Generally I can tell geographically of where the job is located plus the type and style and also get an idea from zillow of what I’m dealing with. Very simple. The days of me driving around for estimates are long gone…

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Simple solution, get the person to send a picture of each side of their home.

Look at pictures.

Send quote.


Google earth, Zillow,

The only times I’ll go in person are commercial jobs and any home valued at$ 1 million+

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We live in a different layout where homes are 99% custom. For example, a 1800 sqft home can be $200k, or $1.8M with either 20 or 80 windows. We do quotes in person so we know what the scope is, and if they recently stained the home and charge accordingly.

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Agreed the smaller homes, or cookie cutter homes no need to go. The million plus homes I’m going in person.

If anything most of the time I just need a pic of the back of the house.