Pricing CCU

How does one price construction cleanup? Does he double or triple the regular price? Should he be looking for a set hourly? Some suggestions, please. Thanks everyone.

I do $10 a window if it is not rope access.

man, I hate ccu…

$100 a window?


Ask yourself what your time is worth scraping windows. Is it $20 per hour? $50 per hour?

I am at around $75 per hour as I absolutely hate it.

And on the rare occasion I am faced with it. I get it.

Its all about what you want to make. ccu can be a real pain, and time consuming as hell. If you can prove to the builder that you are educated it the field, I think you can charge what ever you want to make. Just don’t forget your fab. waiver.

In many cases, window frames take longer to clean than the glass, so price/bid accordingly.

I do a lot of ccu and have for 25 years. If you are good at it and have the patients to deal with it, you can charge as much as you want. I get between 100 and $200 an hour for high rise ccu. A contractor is willing to pay that if he cant get someone else to do it. Remember the contractor cannot get away with out doing a ccu in most cases and if you get in good with the contractors they will add your costs into their future bids. My biggest problem is with the labor unions.

$200 an hour for high rise ccu

Wow. Good for you, man.

What city are you doing business in, again???

(just kidding, you better not tell us…)