Pricing for Screen Repair

I’m looking to add on a screen repair service this year (seems like a nice addon to do, especially in the Midwest where screens go through a lot).

However, I’m having a hard time knowing how to price out this service.

Specifically, I’m looking for a ballpark estimate for:

  • Screen mesh replacement
  • Full screen rebuild
  • Screen door mesh replacement
  • Screen door rebuild (if that’s even possible)

Any thoughts?

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Hey there, I’ve only been doing this a couple years, but here’s what I charge and haven’t had any complaints in Florida:

Rescreen average window screen $20
Custom build window screen from scratch $45
Replace larger panel in patio or slider $3 per square foot.

What do you think? Am I too low/high, any suggestions from others?
I’ve never had anyone complain about my prices on screens, so I assume there might room to raise it here, but I want to be reasonable still.


Thank you! That’s very helpful.

You’re welcome. I would for sure recommend it as an add-on. :+1:
Any other questions?

I am curious, what are others charging?

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Those prices look about right, that is what I am charging in Florida also.

You have to figure in:
Screen material
New plastic corners (they get fragile over time)
Tools (spline tool, utility knife and blades, miter box hacksaw and blades to build/replace frame)
Hourly wage to source everything AND do the labor AND windshield time
Aluminum frames come in 7 foot lengths if you have to replace the frame too

If you aren’t full up busy and they live nearby you can have a setup at home to do several one after the other.

You may have to buy a folding 8 foot table or two and redo/build them on site if they are a distance from you.

Work is work and there is a charge for that.

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I noticed on another thread that someone recommends not buying framing since it can differ so much, but instead keeping a stock of corners, spline, and mesh. I assume they would buy framing as they needed it in that case.

Also, have you ever done a rebuilt of a screen door? If so, any recommendations for where I can learn to do that?

This is what I’m considering, though I might be too nervous at the beginning to do a repair in full view of the customer :sweat_smile:

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I agree on stocking some corners (in the the common color and size for your area’s screens), some 36” and 48” mesh rolls and some common spline sizes. I also don’t stock frames because they vary in size and color. Just buy them as needed.

Not sure what you mean about “rebuilding” a door. I guess I haven’t then…
But I do re-screen them from time to time.

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Rebuilding a door is more of a challenge because of rollers, lining handles up, etc… I usually just suggest folks take them to an aluminum repair/manufacture shop. There are two within a 30 minute drive of me I tell people about. After all I am a window cleaner that offers window screen repair as well.

Yes, I did several at the comfort of my home setup and returned them within a couple of days at first. 1, 2, or 3 I can rescreen on site, any more than that and it chews into my day to do right away. Corroded frames - even minor corrosion - are best to replace the corroded rail or whole thing; often the corners on those break just removing them from the window. STOP, show it to the customer, and have a few on hand to replace for like $5 or so each.

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Apologies for not being clear. I meant as in building a new screen door: frame, rollers, and all. But it seems way more complicated than a window screen.

Oh man… The amount of times I’ve encountered broken corners. What a waste of so many opportunities!!!

I think $25 for a rescreen is a good price. Rebuild $45 is good. Screen door… that one is tricky.

When you consider their option is to remove the screen themselves (which might be hard for them), put the dirty screens in their car, drive the screens to a shop, wait 1-3 weeks, load the screens back into their car, then try and figure out how to get the screens back in, $25 isn’t a bad deal. Especially if you’re cleaning the windows there anyway.

Just invest in a frame jig (homedepot $100 bucks) and if you have a truck, build yourself a table so (when you’re comfortable) you can fix the screens on site.

Definitely get some corners and tabs for the majority color(s) in your area (beige and white are the most popular). Then buy the screen in bulk. 36" and 24". You want both sizes so you can carefully decide which one to use to minimize your waste. You can reuse the spline most of the time.

Get a mini pick and hook set from harbor freight ($2) to help pull the spline out. Get a nice roller that’s comfortable. Hacksaw to cut frames. And you should be good to go.

We had a quarterly customer who was $250. One day she decided to do the screens and it added an “extra” $1000.


Thank you! Those are good things to consider, especially the frame jig.

Ok, got it now, thanks. Yeah, I wouldn’t do that personally. Yes, too complicated in my book as well. (And not often requested either)

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Good points made there… When you put it that way, you’re making me want to raise my price a little now :crazy_face:

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Most I do is a “rescreen”
…once I start fucking around with broken frames?

  • I become on obsessed idiot, wasting my whole day trying to prove, “I can fix this.”

lol. I’m an obsessed idiot, anyway… but this situation makes me even worse.


Over 100 views on this… anyone else willing to share your pricing?

Hide behind your van :wink:

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You can get a little 2" chop saw at harbor freight and then I have a ryobi ac converter to power it.

I’m at $22 for re-screening and $55 for building a new screen. $40 to re-screen a slider but I don’t touch slider frames.