Pricing for windows on 5 story building?

how to price per pane for windows we will be cleaning with a soft washing drone?

I have no idea how to price using a drone. Not really convinced it would work well. What is your process / steps?

We have already run a cleaning test with the drone and it works. We have a cleaning solution designed for drones. We wet windows with pure water and then apply the solution. It sets for a few minutes and then we rinse with pure water.

This solution alone gets stuff off that usually would need agitation?

I’m not convinced you can get a proper result without agitation from a bruah. Do you have video?

I’m actually trying to work with some engineers to see if we can build a window washing drone that also provides agitation (very difficult), but I’m not certain if it’s worth it yet, unless there are certain insurance costs that can be voided since we can do more work from the ground.

I think to be effective for a good cleaning some type of agitation is needed. If that were developed, I think it would be well received. There is a company in NY using a drone that has a sponge and a squeegee. If you haven’t seen it, here is a link:

That’s cool and all but the video looks very conceptual, and plus they’re not selling it so other window cleaners who want to get their hands on it won’t be able to.

Curious, do you still have to pay the same hefty worker’s compensation if you’re using a drone to clean windows?