Pricing help and thoughts on Historic Glass an old glazing

Ok so I have an old parish house that has been converted into a home. Much of the old glass is historic, and wavey. The bigger concern I have is the glazing and paint looks like its going to chip and or run. I have a waterfed set up, so normally all of the small glass wouldn’t be a big deal, but with the condition of the frames I’m nervous.

Here’s the breakdown:

743 small panes (true divides)

20 normal windows

1 skylight (can waterfed pole from ground)

4 (4 windows true divides 3 stories up)

separate building/ separate pricing - with

5 windows with screen (not old)

4 windows w/o screen

5 smaller windows

(see pics) Thoughts? Feel free to PM me if you don’t want to broadcast your pricing. I would have posted this in members area but…

a few more pics to help.

Total cost for in and out

$958.00 for the main house

$120.00 for the extra building

For out only 60% of the total cost.

This is if it has been cleaned fairly regular so the glass is not to far gone. Some old houses like this in my area can have a mother of pearl look to the glass and has to be restored.

I would not WFP the job but that’s just me. So this price is for traditional, but that should not matter the cost should be the same. It’s priced a little higher to compensate for the frames falling apart.

Thank you for replying. Glass looks good, though a little wavy.

May I ask where you’re located. (This is in a very wealthy area of northern VA)

I was thinking $1250 for both, so we’re not far off.

Thanks again.

I’m in Dallas TX. Sounds like your pricing it right. Obviously I am not familiar with your market but that would be a good price in my market.

Alright I’m Submitting $1250.00.

I kinda want the job and kinda don’t. The oxidized paint, and wavy historic glass is going to be a little bit of a pain.

I’ll keep you posted.

I’ve done a decent amount of old annealed glass like that. you’ll find it cleans up quite nicely. The appearance of waves doesn’t really affect the cleaning action of your squeegee. you can blade it without worry, too. Like WAP said, I wouldn’t wfp, only because old windows like that don’t seal up well. you’re running a high risk of pushing water into the house.

the glazing can get brittle over time and totally fall apart as you clean it, but maybe you can use that as an up-sell opportunity. either learn to glaze it yourself (pretty easy) or sub it out to a local craftsman. There aren’t too many guys around anymore who know how to service heirloom glass properly.

So did you get the job? :). Looks like a doosey!

Yep… got it today! Now comes the fun part…lol.

You will be fine.


Thats awesome. Good work!

Oh yeah…by the way

You should probably mention that you were DOUBLE the price of other window cleaners but because you created the best unicorn…you win!

Oh…oh yeah, forgot to mention that.

The other companies quoted over the phone. I would have too, (its in a bad traffic area) but my spidey sense went off, and as I asked questions I decided to visit before estimating.

The other companies would have been suprised when they arrived.

Oh and I haven’t done the job yet and he’s talking about scheduling for the fall. Apparently I did something right. Hey it happens once in a while.


Id say 75% of the work I do is windows and homes like this. It will take you extra time, and chances are you will knock off some old glazing, but once you get good at homes like this you’ll make a killing.