Pricing in Dallas?

Hey y’all,

I recently joined the forum. As a new window cleaner, the information on the forum has been very helpful. Thank you!

In particular, I wanted to thank @TexasRich and @JaredAI, who had great posts on licensing and newbie equipment setups. Per TexasRich’s advice, I will also be visiting Paul at Dallas Window Supply. Thanks guys!

Since I’m still new, I wanted to ask the Dallas guys around here if they would be willing to share what prices they charge. Based on research I’ve done on the forum, it looks like $2.50 per regular pane, or $1 per french pane, will be a good start (this is for one side only).

Curious to hear your thoughts!

Also, if anyone in the Dallas area is interested in networking, happy to get you a coffee/lunch and swap best practices.




Good to have you. What part of the metroplex are you based out of or focusing on?

Hey Rich,

I’m based out of Irving right now. Still deciding where to concentrate my focus long term, but will start near Irving to begin with.

Where are you based out of?

Btw, got a chance to meet Paul today. Really great guy!


I’m also new here and starting out in the DFW area. I’d be interested in talking shop sometime as a fellow entrepreneur starting out. Good luck to you!