Pricing question

Hey everyone .,
I know it is different in every area…
I am curious what you guys think .
I bid on a house … around 7,000 sq feet.
For inside /outside screens , sills tracks ( vacuum and wipeout ) it was 86 windows ( including sliders /2 panes in some )
That was for 26 garage windows at $4 a side , the rest were $6 a side plus $3 tracks, $2 screens … so $12 to $17 a window …
They had 5 skylights I charged $35 each for
And 26 glass deck panels at $5 per side
The total for it all was about $1800.
In total it was over 300 panes …averaging $5.60 a pane per side all in.
Honestly it seems a bit low ( Canadian dollars too haha!!)
They said it was considerably higher than what they have paid … they had a guy for 29 years until he retired , and the last three years have tried a few companies they were not happy with … including some damaged tint …
They said they would pass for now , as it was considerably higher .

I said I understood, and hoped they found someone who was a good fit.
I said not to hesitate to reach out if anything changes in the future .

It is 2 story , so some ladder work , and 2 decks with railings …

Am I way off?
300 panes is 5 hours per one minute per pane
I don’t know what they were charged before, but my price is too low already honestly

Just curious your thoughts.

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For me 300 panes would be at least $1800 or do you have 150 sides of glass I’m a little confused if you are counting a pane twice as each side. $11.20 per pane seems pretty high , most in my area are charging 6-8 per pane(both sides).
But if its only going to take 5 hours then you seem to be on $300hr which is probably more than double most of the WCs here charge…

I do not think it would take me 5 hours … I just meant on minute at each plate is 5 hours …
I think it would take me two days …
there are 87 windows ( some have 2 panes )
Plus 26 garage windows , plus 26 railing panels and 5 skylights … I’m $4 to $5 a side for glass and $2 for frame and sill ( garage is just $4…
$3 tracks and a budget $2 screens
It’s more than 150 panes ( 300+ both sides)
I was at $1800 for everything …1350 for windows no railing or skylights
Maybe I’m a bit high , but another company near me is charging $6 to $8 a pane per side… so a slider is $24 dollars … I am about $15 for the same thing

you already said it: they had a guy for 29 years, who unfortunately taught them window cleaning should be virtually “free”, it’s not you, it’s them but you can still be friends lol

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So I added it up … 175 panes
$4 a side straight up … no screens no sills no tracks … no accounting for ladders … it’s still $1400.
I did price it as normal … I’m usually at $300 to $400 in/out for average sized homes … 25 to 30 windows (.35 -45 panes average )

So $8 Canadian is about $6 U.S.
My original $1800 is about $1325 American

So $1325 U.S. dollars for 175 panes in/out .
Who is close to that?

I might add I live near Vancouver , and this property is probably worth close to $3 million
Not that I change my price … I just go by my count .

We would be at about $2000 USD, but we aren’t in a cheap market by any stretch of the imagination.


He’s been cleaning that house longer than I’ve been breathing lol

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We provide help on pricing as well! Let us know if we can assist:

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I meant to type 20 years lol

What’s your close rate ?
That’s all that matters
Don’t worry about the ones that tell you they had a guy , and the other guy do it for. You aren’t them.

If you feel you can work them in a discount , then do it, and let them know …ok what we can do is give you a first time customer discount. This is the est we can do hope to be of service. If not see ya
Don’t worry about what others charge. It’s a numbers game. There’s always going to be someone that tells you about the other guy.
Here’s my price if they don’t bite and things are slow I work with them with in reason. If I’m busy I just kindly say can’t do any better this time of year.
If you’re willing to wait till later in the season I can work with you.
That’s it man

Your close rate … if it’s around 50-60 percent your prices are fine.
If your at 20-30 your prices are to high. If your @ 70-80 your prices are to low
If you were at 90 you wouldn’t even be writing this post.

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I have enough friends. I want your money. If not beat it.

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I did message them back with a reduced price for a reduced scope . ( more or less just glass )
We shall see what they say .
I am probably closing about 80 percent … which is why I am tweaking my pricing .
I am also part time … I do appreciate everyone’s input . Thanks

You can’t force some people to recognize that reasonable pricing from a professional is much higher than what they have been spoiled enough to pay for years.
I’ve had people looking for a new window cleaner pass on my prices, merely because they were used to paying half. Some just don’t value clean windows enough to pay what they should be paying.
My neighbor across the street is a doctor and her husband a lawyer. We did outsides only and screens a year-and-a-half ago. I tried to set up an appointment last year and she said when they got horrible again she’d call. You would expect that minimum once a year would be easily in the comfort zone, but it’s no guarantee.

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Update … I offered to lower it to $1200 , just glass … and screens. No tracks or extras…
She dug out the invoice from last time … 145 panes in and out and skylights … no railings … $595…
Hahahahahahaha… $

that’s $2 a pane per side .
I charge that for commercial … no ladders … no furniture … no hassles …
I will politely decline .

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You gotta give the guy some credit. He was able to do it for 20 years at that rate.

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Now he’s old and broke. Maybe all those customers that got the cheap pricing can help him out now that he’s old and broke.


Just finished up a house similar to your price and took us about 5 hours. Keep looking, good customers are out there.