Pricing questions-Traditional vs WFP

I have a large commercial building that has requested a bid for cleaning. The catch is they want to see the difference in what it would cost to clean it traditional instead of WFP in an attempt to save water. My normal price if I were to do WFP would be $800 and it should take me about 10 hours by myself. It’s not really a building I want to do traditional, especially with a WFP sitting in the truck. Any thoughts on what you guys would charge for traditional?

not sure about the water conservation factor, never had to deal with that.

but for us there is no difference in price. they are paying for clean windows. the method is irrelevant, as long as it’s safe.

Ya I would love to know what the concern with the water is all about.
You should be pricing the same no matter how you do them. , but if you lowered the price because of a WFP you have no choice . Give them the water conservation price 1300.00

Why is it such a concern with some people on how we do things In this business. I had a lady email me the other day asking how I’m going to clean her screens. Lol felt like saying I’m going to dip them in your pool.

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There is no price difference in my pricing. I price it all the same just in case I need to do it trad at some point.

There is always the “what if…”

If you price it lower for wfp work, then for some reason you can’t use wfp on it and need to trad it then you’re going to be working harder for less $/hour.

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I try to price higher. I’m a “high window access specialist” when I wfp. I’m a window cleaner when I squeegee.

This is for my business only. However, for some I see the benefits of pricing the same. It depends on the structure.

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Thanks for all the replies guys, I went ahead and submitted a bit of $800 for wfp and $1300 for traditional. I have some concerns with access for the traditional which is also why I wanted to go higher on this. The big concern with water in this situation is that it’s a government building and the governor told everyone to reduce their water use.

If its high access I would not generally have different quote for different methods I would offer to bring my own water if they were concerned about water consumption.
However since you have given 2 quotes I would also add a lift fee cost even if you don’t really need one, makes it easier also safer, then find the best lift for the job with all the bells and whistles then charge them for that.
Next time they will be less concerned with water consumption which is more than likely working out to less than a dollar or two.

without a doubt you are going to use more water with the WFP than putting water in buckets. For me it is more a risk assessment. I have a mirrored glass, 4 story building that I clean with wfp. The price is cheaper because I am not using the padded 40’er or the lift. It is safer for the cleaners, cheaper for the customer but uses more water.

My answer to your original question would be to figure your price as a meld of WFP and traditional. Then, add 30% and turn that in as bid 2