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I need some help on pricing. How do you simplify your pricing. So where I am at now is outside only is $5 first story per window and $10 second story per window. I can do that easily. But when it comes to full service clean I screw up. So right now I am doing 10 for outside inside first story glass, 2 for screens and 3 dollars for tracks and sills. Total would be $15 per first story window. Second story I am doing 10 outside 5 inside for glass, then 2 for screens and 3 for tracks and sills. So total would be $20 per second story window. When I give my estimates. I lose jobs. Cheaper people around. Perceived value is not happening here. I look better, act better and respond better and still get passed up. Today I got three calls from door hangers that we put out today. All neighbors. Average outside ticket was prob 450. Outs and ins average looks about $950. All three houses already have window cleaners but do not like how busy they are and can never get ahold of them. I am very flexible. But guarantee I am much more expensive. What do you guys do? How do you price?

Sorry. I’m stupid with replying. Here’s an awesome topic about pricing. For us, we do not charge more for second floor, and we include tracks and sills with interior cleaning. our service area is currently pretty large, so if making the trip out to a job, we want to make it worth their while to have the interior done as well. A little incentivizing for them and more money per job for us. :man_shrugging:t2:

Exterior: $5
Int & Ext: $8 ($10 tdl)
Screens: $2
I’d say there’s definitely room for us to increase or price a few more dollars. Probably next year


If your average is $450. Out and $950 in and out
These must be some big homes?

How long you estimate to clean these?

I would also beat your price all day long. I don’t charge extra for screens and tracks, I include a very basic clean of those, and I don’t double the price for second story windows. Second story really isn’t that hard. How long have you been doing this?


Your over complicating things !!!

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That seems ridiculously high to me. I charge on average $4 per pane in and out. Some houses or windows I will charge $5 per pane in and out. That is first and second story. I charge $2 per screen and I rarely ever do tracks. A 60 pane 2 story house for me with 30 screens would be about $300-$350 and would only take 3-4 hours by myself or 2.5 hours if my wife is with me. I’m in California and I could never see someone making it here for $10-$15 per pane of glass.

J-Rod , Your hourly looks great. How do you get away with not cleaning the tracks? I include tracks, it is rare that someone says that they don’t want the tracks cleaned. Even the low ballers around here include tracks. The bad thing about tracks is that they can take a long time. When you clean the tracks does it kill your hourly?

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Anyone who is not charging more for 2nd story window is making a big mistake. 2nd story windows take more time and energy, more risk, more equipment, the house cleaner isn’t breaking out the ladder of WFP. Charge a least $2 more per 2nd story window, it is common sense.


Thanks! I work hard and fast and try and save the talking until the end lol. I literally only have been asked to do tracks maybe 5 times at the most. I only do about 50 houses a year as I run my route and just take houses when they come and don’t advertise. If I do, do the tracks, than I would charge $2-$3 more per track and they only take about 1-2 minutes at the most usually. I just don’t mention it and neither does the clients.

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Nice, thanks for sharing.

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Most of the time, windows and screens are 10 bucks, first or second story for me (In/out). Tracks add 3 bucks per (most don’t want them done as they don’t open their windows.

I upcharge on larger windows and difficult to reach windows. My pricing is the same for casement and double hung.


Keep your estimate simple. Personally, all windows are the same price unless considerably larger or extremely awkward to get at.

I don’t mention sills or tracks - totally unnecessary here. I clean the outside screen tracks, but no one cares about the insides. They certainly aren’t going to pay extra for me to vacuum them.

Finally, as you are establishing yourself, remember that your competition might be more than capable. Having higher prices and assuming that your presentation will make a difference may be a trap. Here in dfw I have met quite a few of the other window cleaners. Most of the ones I’ve met really know their stuff. They charge market price and they are honestly quite impressive in what they are able to do. So for me to edge in on their business, a high price and a nice smile isn’t going to get it done. So, take a long look at your pricing. I agree with the general consensus that you don’t want to race to the bottom, but if your going to break into an established market, you may have to do something different.

Doubling 2nd floor might be killing you.
Give this a try and see how it works for you. (Make adjustments as needed)


I make $50 an hour store front on a weekly basis and $100 an hour residential per job. Usually now 3 residential jobs a week at 2-4 hours a piece and 4 rotating store fronts weekly and 4 monthly.

Anyways I think the price I’ve earned and the pace I move is great. When I earn less it’s because I chose to stare at the awesome scenery or gaze at my own beauty… the point of working for ourselves is to spend more time on the things we love and take for granted!


My current price sheet. My acceptance rate is about 85-92% of jobs quoted!


Our price per window is the same for every residential window, 1st 2nd or 3rd Floor

Our residential are mainly 2 and 3 story homes and we have a formula where our price per window is based on that. It all averages out and are paid more for 2nd and 3rd but with 1 simple price per window.


Guys lol I suck I know this. Trust me shit is rough. I just started in February. I’ve never worked for someone or even heard of window cleaning before then. So anything I learn is from YouTube or here. I only have done one house and it took us 6 hours to do 35 windows outside only. There was reasons that screwed us over, like not being able to walk the house due to mud. Ended up having a walk out basement so I had to reach 3rd story windows with a 20’ ladder. My 10$ second story window price was not worth it. I got 253$ for that job and it was NOT enough lol. I get all confused once I start pricing for my estimate sheets. The 3 houses yest prob averaged 80-90 windows. They are pretty big. I need to redo my prices But afraid of shit happening like last time. It was miserable

Going forward, anytime you bid sight unseen or unable to walk the property - the price is contingent upon a walk through.

If you have set prices that are fair to you and your customer that you can duplicate then there is nothing to get confused about.


Just because your first house took 6 hours for 35 windows, does not mean your prices are low or does not mean the customer should pay a higher rate because your lack of skill. You need to just get a price per pane and just stick with it and you will get faster with time and that 35 window house should only take you between 2-4 hours once you get your speed built up. Don’t get upset about the pricing and time you take, just take the job for granted and be thankful someone gave you the chance to clean their windows.


Agree , if I wanted to quit window cleaning today An go into carpentry for myself. I can’t expect to do the same exact job An pricing my cousin is doing who’s got years of experience, An make the same per hour

I would have to do what the OP is doing An price 30-40% higher to make the same hourly as him, which isn’t a bad thing it would just take me longer to get steady work.

So as a new person in the business keep your prices reasonable until your schedule starts to get booked up ,An when your experience An technique gets better you’ll increase your hourly, An when your calander gets full you could start increasing your pricing. Supply An demand.

Also keep your prjcng simple. How long do you guys spend on your estimates figuring this stuff out. Good god. Count the windows An give a price for the job. Not $2 for this An 5$ for that. An second story is a little more. Ugh!!! :joy: