Pricing this

Went to measure 30 minutes ago, took some pics as well.

Need an idea what you guys would price this clean at, btw I HATE CCU.
It’s scrapping the black / red paint off interior of both tops and bottoms section(s) of glass sheets.
There’s also 4 more in the middle section not shown, 2 sheets on each side on the door same size as those on the rt.

Counted these from LEFT to RIGHT

Sheet on far left, thin one 13" W x 63" H (5’ 3") Black
13" x 26" Red

2nd sheet to 12th are all the same dimensions 39" W x 63" H Tops (Red)
39" W x 26" H Bottom (Black)

Any feedback is appreciated, have not given bid yet.

let someone else have the honor

if you choose to go forward have some waivers and other forms of protection to cover yourself from financial responsibility

To be honest, I don’t even know where to begin on calculating an estimate figure.

Having not laid eyes and fingers on the glass, I am at a disadvantage…but I’ll give it a shot.

First, what kind of paint? Is it enamel, latex or some kind of film? Can you use a heat gun to soften it? Look in the corner to make sure it doesn’t say OldCastle, or stop right there. I would give my best guesstimate on how long it will take to do 1 plate complete, and include the 2 or 3 six inch razor blades that will be needed. Then convert that into a “per window” price.

If you can heat gun it, you should be able to get 2 1/2 plates an hour, and that includes masking the bottom frame and putting the thick brown paper, you can buy in rolls, down to catch the mess. It is a labor intensive job that won’t pay more than 30 to 50 per plate.

I have a feeling when your done you’ll feel like you underbid it.

So with that in mind bid high enough so that when it takes all day your still happy and best case it goes real quick your really happy.

From the way the photos are casting it looks like vinyl on the bottom and you can use a heat gun… The top looks like window tint and if it is and you blade it be sure to keep it really wet. I would use soapy water.
as Bruce said … Have waivers signed.

Run, run far away from this one.

Stick to just cleaning windows, let someone else do that stuff.

It’s the same problems with the damn holiday decorations. The people paint it on, NEVER COME BACK TO TAKE IT OFF…and then you get the “Oh…hey…can you take this off?”. Never again

Taking paint off is nothing like taking tint off a window . Paint easy! Tint nightmare! Rob did you ever do that job?