Pricing track cleaning

I’ve been getting a lot of people asking about track cleaning this week. In the past I’ve never charged for track cleaning and I’ve always just used a wet towel to lightly clean the track as I’m going. I’ve been reading through a lot of old post, but haven’t found mention of what people are actually charging to do a full track cleaning. If you wouldn’t mind sharing I’m interested to hear how everyone is pricing this?

$1 track, $1 sill.

If regular repeat customer I don’t charge extra unless the tracks are very dirty. New customers, first cleaning I charge $3 per track.

Is that doing a full scrub and vac or just a quick wipe?

basic wipe of tracks as you described just work it into your overall price and tell people it’s included. Don’t waste time dickering with tracks people expect it and if it’s “included” you won’t have to deal with haggling and complaining.

you could upsell track detailing vac qtip all the corners like new if you want.

If first time customer the tracks are usually filthy requiring small “toothbrush” style brush to break up the dirt, shopvac to collect the dirt, damp microfiber for a final clean. Average 3-5 minutes to clean the track. Goal is $1 per minute. If tracks are “extremely” dirty will charge more.

Repeat customer usually entails a quick wipe with a damp microfiber. Usually 10-20 seconds.

… It’s included in my pricing.

It’s an upsell, $1 per window.

I get 50% of in/outs wanting the upsell, 50% just the glass & frame. My customers like it because it gives them a bit of price control.

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heck no…:wink:

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Thanks for the replies, I think I’m going to do a basic wipe included with the windows and if they are really dirty or the customer wants them detailed I’ll up sell for $1.

I’m my business tracks are not included in the price. I always ask if they would like to add them. I charge $1 for exterior and $2 interior and exterior. It really does not matter if they are real dirty or not.

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Basic track cleaning is included - brush out & wipe with damp cloth, I charge $10 per track to detail - brush out, vacuum, wipe, q- tips, etc.

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If they aren’t too bad I include them in the price because dirt and water make mud, so I will end up cleaning them anyway. Heavy dirt: charge. Small amount: included. Charge what you can get without sticker shock would be best advice. 20+ windows with $1 to $1.50 per window sill = $20 to $30 up sell. Maintenance clean included in the regular price since it is maintained. (Maintenance clean = Quarterly)

I always include track cleaning in my pricing.
To me it just comes across to a customer as a better deal that " tracks are included"
Then to try to upsell track cleaning.

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I usually only do the tracks if they request it, then charge $1.50 each for a thorough wet rag wiping.

Based on how many how dirty and how clean they want them average dirt quick wipe $1 a track. And up depending on their estimate of clean