Straight forward 197 windows multiple panes per window. The property owner will remove screens only one domestic water supply in the front of the building so I can’t WFP the entire building. This is exterior only, I do mostly residential. I appreciate the feedback!


WFP what you can, ladder and trad the rest, per pane pricing.

I disagree, you can wfp the whole thing. 300-400 foot of garden hose, 250 ft of 3/8 felxzilla hose, then 50 ft wfp hose. Depending on pressure you may need a booster pump, but I would think you could do it with 60 psi. Definitely 100 psi, which I see alot on my commercial buildings. You can buy a pressure gauge for $10 at a big box store to find out.

Edit- you can measure the building with Google earth to see if you need more garden hose.

That’s exactly what I was thinking. and $800.00

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Why can’t you wfp everything from one water source?

If you need more equipment, buy more so you have plenty of hose to complete this job.