Private Label YOUR OWN Products

Most product manufacturers create and sell one step products. Which do not allow the Window Cleaner the option of tweaking the formula at all. Yet isn’t that what we really like to do? That is why I am creating powders, compounds, colloidals, suspensions, specialty release coatings (SRCs);… that you can blend and find uses for in your business. Then private label these with your own business name, and contact info. I know how creative all of you are. You will come up with things I never dreamed of. SKRUB is the first “ingredients product”. It is like a transformer. Even though I created it for a singular purpose it does have multiple uses. Exactly what you do with it or blend it with is up to you. It is a synthetic high purity amorphous (noncrystalline) silica compound based on fifty percent pure glycerin and fifty percent silica by volume. Which is on the order of ten times more concentrated than any other liquid compound being sold now that is based on a silica. The silica I have chosen is also a high quality silica. Optical grade.

When you do come up with your own creations you don’t have to tell anyone what you did. And certainly don’t tell me. Never me. Cuz you know how mouthy I am!