Problems between the panes

This issue is related to a large bay window pane in the front of a customer’s house. I took pictures, but none of them show the problem I’m going to describe. I attached the pic anyway so you can at least see the window I’m talking about.

I’m looking to see if anyone has encountered this issue and whether there is a solution short of replacing the pane. At first, I thought the problem was related to hard water stains. I applied 3 different types of hard water stain solutions (the last being OneRestore), and I’m confident I removed all traces of the hard water stains from the outside of the windo. What is left, however, are spots and a filminess over parts of the window. When you look closely from either side (inside or outside) it appears like the problem is on the other side from the one you are looking at. The customer said she thinks something has gotten between her panes (apparently it’s a double pane, although I couldn’t tell that from looking at it and I would have thought a double pane would have been obvious). Given that I can confidently say the problem isn’t on either side of the pane, I’m ready to conclude that she is right, and that there is moisture or something else that has gotten between the panes. If that’s the case, I’m assuming that replacing the pane is the only solution. Is that correct?

Also, is there any chance that despite what my naked eyes are telling me (which unfortunately can’t be picked up by the camera), these problems are actually on one side of the pane rather than in between and my sight is being fooled? The reason I’m wondering that is 1) I can’t tell that there is a double pane, and I would think it should be easy to tell that; and 2) even if there is a double pane, I can understand how moisture or air getting between the panes could cause the cloudiness, or fogginess, that shows in places, but I don’t understand how it would cause the spots the mimic what I’ve experienced with hard water spots.

Anybody have any experience with this that might help?

Yep I see this all the time. If moisture gets between the panes it will absolutely spot them up and make them look nasty. There is nothing you can do about broken seals - window needs replacing.

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Yes the seal broke not yur fault.

If you’re just not sure, stick your finger on it and if it floats past your fingertip then it’s on the inside. It’s really hard to tell sometimes.

I usually tell them that most windows have lifetime warranties so if by luck she has paperwork, she might be able to get it replaced.

Bad seal. as a couple other smart guys said.

If it’s on surface 1 or 4, you can definitely feel it with your fingernail.

Not to throw a ratchet (although that’s what you can do to this window), possibly be a triple pane? Either way…what the smart window cleaner guys above said.